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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I definitely hope you all got what you wanted. I've decided to list my gifts, in no particular order, but I am saving the favorite for last: Jewelry, socks, running shoes, toothbrush, sweater, underthings, coffee mug, notepad, pencil, coin purse, fancy wine opener, my very first Christmas Pickle, bodyspray galore, and a ticket to the BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT!
(Thank you to my BFF Katie!)
This past weekend we visited Kristy at her home in San Antonio! She was home for Christmastime from her present residence in Hawaii. (And you're thinking what I'm thinking, taking a vacation AWAY from Hawaii?)
All in all, Katie and I were REALLY excited to get to go down to SA to see her. We took off Friday afternoon to hopefully avoid southbound 35 traffic through Temple, Texas. We still ended up getting stuck , thanks to some super-eager rubberneckers. People act like they've never seen a completely charred carcass of a large semi before. Made it down there about 8, feasted at Outback, and watched Mamma Mia. I've seen better musicals.

Saturday we got up and went to go look for the horses. Kristy's got three horses and a lot of acreage so we hopped in the Bronco and went lookin'. We finally find the horses, fed them carrots, and expected them to follow us back to the barn. 20 minutes later they've stood us up, so we hike back out there and find them. Katie hikes me up onto on of the nicest horses, Firefly, and I get to ride bareback all the way to the barn! I even came back with dirt on my butt.
Saturday afternoon we clean up and head to the driving range to meet Amanda and Francois. My swing has gotten so rusty that I think I literally created a new sandtrap with all the divots I was making in the grass. I believe I've found a resolution in getting my sorry butt back out to practice.
After waiting for the restaurant that never opened, we settled for an afternoon of hanging out at Amanda's, dining at Whatabuger, and shopping at Old Navy. Kristy's parents made us fajitas that night and we got to meet some more of her SA friends.
Saturday night we headed out to a sexy little joint called the Midnight Rodeo! It was all two-stepping with interspersed hip hop music, of course! The people watching was top notch. I danced a bit but the best part was taking over one side of the floor with Katie. We performed a duet to "Billie Jean" and were joined by a silly young man in a cowboy hat for "Ice Ice Baby". Always satisfying to teach a southern youngster the ways of the running man. As we're leaving the dance floor, an inebriated stringbean of a fella pops Katie on the bottom. Leading up to the phrase of the night, as we stroll out of the sweaty nightclub at 2 am: "You know what? I'm happy leaving with a slap on the ass and a kiss on the cheek. That's all I need." Katie says to me, as we say farewell to a place we may never see again! ;-) Other highlights of the night included large lady with unbuttoned pearl snap shirt and stringbean man trying to jump rope with his own leg.
Sunday we went horseback riding and then to lunch with a Amanda. A jam-packed and super-fun weekend.
Onto the New Year! I'm in the process of writing my list of resolutions, and will probably post them here just to hold myself accountable - maybe even give some folks out there some ideas. My yoga teacher today made a good point - instead of thinking about all the things we want to do, and things we want to accomplish, why not also thank the Lord for what we've already done, too?
If we all looked back to where we were a year from now, I'm sure we'd all have something great that we did that we have to be proud of.
Why not make 2009 the year of making the 2010 version of ourselves proud? :)
May you all end 2008 with a "slap on the ass and a kiss on the cheek" - compliments of Katie. All the more reason to stop by our places on New Year's Eve! :)

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