Pre-Christmas Fun

Cortney's Christmas Poem, 2008

Is it ironic that Kris Kringle rhymes with jingle?

Or at Christmastime we're expected to mingle?

There are no sounds that rhyme with Nick

Except if you count the word 'ick'

Nothing can be done socially that rhymes with Clause

Unless socially you drop your 'draws'

If that's your Christmas, leave me be

I'd rather have my sanity

And be around bells that jingle

While watching Mr. Kringle mix and mingle!


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes folks, it's my absolute 1oo percent favorite time of the year. I've already got the decorations up, my radio is constantly tuned to 103.7 for lite holiday favorites, my room smells of cookies and pumpkin spice, and my coffee of the moment is holiday peppermint. What is better than the span of time from Thanksgiving to New Year's when everything is seasonally superb!

There will be many more Christmastime posts to come, for sure, but today was influenced by the presence of Christmas lights in church.

While I'm supposed to be thinking about Jesus (I try really hard) I sometimes find my thoughts drifting towards the Christmas lights profession. And I find myself thinking, "What does a professional Christmas tree lights specialist do for the other 10 months out of the year?" I think I figured it out. They are professional tree-climbers. Like not tree-huggers, or environmentalists or whatever...they climb trees. Like, everything that can ever be done in a really big tree, these people do. They're like professional stuntmen. Everyone appreciates what they do, and are fascinated by it all at the same time, but would never want to do it themselves. Cut branches away from a power line? Get spooked cats out of trees? Hang fancy lights to make rich people's mansions look bigger? Create mood lighting in deciduous backyards? I'm not doing any of that, but I appreciate it.

Or maybe professional Christmas tree-lighters are actually just off duty firemen who like to take the motorized ladder out for a spin every once in a while.
Let me tell you about the what I've coined as "The METRORETRO Movement". After discussing it with Katie this morning, her response was "you should blog about that."
We saw a guy wearing black jeans today, and we decided that as soon as a trend hits the women of America, guys latch on. Not the regular guys at first, but the "metrosexual" men. The men who are comfortable enough in their own skin to wear purple skinny jeans while clutching an attractive, albeit confused young woman.
So ladies, watch out for your men. Before we know it, they too will be privy to the Metroretro.
The retro comes from the fact that the trends now are the trends from years ago, that have been resurfacing in a particularly interesting and quick manner. So quick that I've been asking for my bags from Goodwill BACK.
Happy December! I'm off to watch the Dallas Stars defeat (?) Edmonton.

Turkey Trot 2008!

Thanksgiving morning my family, Katie's mom, and our friend Ryan ran the 3-Mile Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas!
It's always fun to see lots of friends (Nikki & Family, Stacey!) and have a generally good time.
Strollers, dogs, large swarms of walking people, cross country jogging
Teenagers, dog poo, finding breaks in the crowd to run through
Teenage girls holding hands, sprinting, finish line, a half eaten orange dropped on the ground
Happy Thanksgiving!

Made Cooler by the Cavalier

DISCLAIMER: This really happened last week!

Sorry the picture is so bad, but I was driving, trying not to be too obvious, and this guy was for real - I had to try and capture something I haven't seen since 1998!

Picture this (it gets cooler every line):
Bleach bottle blonde hair color
Chil-bowl haircut parted down the middle, gelled down
Black button up shirt
Black wristband pulled up above watch line
Orange cell phone cover
Sunglasses with mirrored yellow- orange fade
Yellow Chevy Cavalier

I don't think I need to make any comments...this speaks for itself.

The Natural State

Howdy there, I'm back!
As my welcome back post, thought I'd say Happy Thanksgiving and hello again. Over Halloween I made the journey up to Fayetteville, Arkansas for my very first Razorback football game. The game and the campus itself were so reminiscent of College Station...meaning, completely fun and wonderful. What happened outside of the game was what made the trip have character.

Friday night my mom decides that she wants to go out with her old high school buddies and leaves my sisters and I to our own devices. We spend our Halloween night in the local mall surrounded by small children in really cute costumes and large children dressed as Paris Hilton. Dinner consisted of 2 smoothies and a coffee for myself. We're heading back to my crazy Grammy's house in my mom's car, when we get totally lost. We're lost in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and not the pretty part either. I decide to be cute and pull out the iphone, assuming that my GPS will come to the rescue and point me in the right direction. Mom doesn't want to talk on the phone longer than enough to tell us that Grammy lives on "33rd street".

Did you know that Fort Smith has MULTIPLE 33rd streets?

Neither did I.
45 minutes upon leaving the mall, we thankfully landed in the front yard of Grammy's house (she doesn't have a driveway) and we completed what is normally a ten minute drive.
Much of me wishes I were traipsing through Uptown with my Wonder-Woman clad best friend on Halloween night at 4 am instead. :)
This was just Friday. On the drive to and from Fayetteville on Saturday, I saw lots of things in the back of trucks. I wish I would have taken pictures. My favorite things that people were hauling would have been:
3. Plastic Santa Claus
2. Gigantic Deer Head
1. Rock Climbing Wall

And who said Arkansans were only used to scaling the Ozarks? Apparently, they like their textured polyurethane-covered multiplex board too as much as the next guy.
All in all the trip was pretty fun. Arkansas is really beautiful, and the University's campus is very impressive. Makes me proud to say I'm a native of THE Natural State.