Deep in the Heart of Texas!

BIG TEX IS HOT!Katie and I made our first visit to the State Fair of Texas in about 10 years yesterday! It all began with a trip to the Car Show, of course. The best showing by far were the Saleen Mustangs and the Saturns. My next car is going to be one of two things: a huge gas guzzling monster or the smallest thing ever that nibbles on gas.

Gig em Big Tex!That's me imitating Big Tex.

Katie's first time on the Texas Star!What's more awesome than the Dallas skyline?We indulged in a snack (corny dog for Katie, Lemon Chill for me), we rode the Texas Star (Katie had never been on the Ferris wheel before!) and we even watched Mark conquer a few of the fried tasty treats! (Fried chocolate truffle, strawberry waffle balls)
This alpaca had dreads, kinda looks a cross between the lead singer for the Counting Crows and Kid of Kid n Play. Alpaca House Party.
It's some bighorns! We had a staring contest...they won.A baby cow named Beauregard.We also made it to the nutrition pavilion, saw some cows, played with a miniature horse, and ran into my very first boyfriend ever, Kyle! I was imitating a chewing camel at the petting zoo/ feed barn when I heard my name and looked over see him and his family across the way.
All in all, it was a fabulous day.

For those of you that watch the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show on CMT, YES! I made it into the first episode. Although I only made it to semi finals, there’s a shot of me dancing, splitting, and smiling while they announce the finalists! So if you get a chance to watch it, look for the bleach blonde in a sparkly hot pink top and blue shorts.
Not my best look, but I did stand out a little.
Screen shots from my mom's tv.

So I tried running on the Katy Trail again yesterday, for the first time since last March. My joints HATE me right now. My ankles, knees, and hip flexors are dying. I need it though; I am running Race for the Cure again in two weeks (3.1 miles) and then the Turkey Trot again on Thanksgiving Day (8 miles).
I got a REALLY good idea while I was running though. I never go out on the trail if I’m going to walk. I run, or I don’t go at all. To me, I’m embarrassed to be out there if I’m not running, biking or rollerblading like everyone else. HOWEVER – there is an exception. When I see people walking, their tops are covered in sweat. Automatically I think – “Wow, they must have just gotten done with a really LONG run! I wish that were me….”
Technically, it’s okay to walk if you’re covered in sweat. People automatically assume you’ve just been going at it really hard and are in your cool down period.


So here’s my idea….

Ladies and gentleman –

A shirt with strategically placed “sweat marks” and “wet whiskers” to make it look like you’ve been working out for hours! No more worrying about what they’ll think about you taking a walk. Taking a walk in a *SWEAT-SHIRT* gives you a free out, fooling others to believe that you’ve just run the Boston Marathon!

Just think – looking like you’ve just expended yourself physically gives you a free out – hit up any restaurant or party in this *SWEAT-SHIRT* and you can eat or drink whatever you want – you’re THAT GUY who just worked out REALLY HARD. Now it’s time to enjoy life. You don’t even small bad….you didn’t even exercise, so you didn’t sweat!


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