Deep in the Heart of Texas!

BIG TEX IS HOT!Katie and I made our first visit to the State Fair of Texas in about 10 years yesterday! It all began with a trip to the Car Show, of course. The best showing by far were the Saleen Mustangs and the Saturns. My next car is going to be one of two things: a huge gas guzzling monster or the smallest thing ever that nibbles on gas.

Gig em Big Tex!That's me imitating Big Tex.

Katie's first time on the Texas Star!What's more awesome than the Dallas skyline?We indulged in a snack (corny dog for Katie, Lemon Chill for me), we rode the Texas Star (Katie had never been on the Ferris wheel before!) and we even watched Mark conquer a few of the fried tasty treats! (Fried chocolate truffle, strawberry waffle balls)
This alpaca had dreads, kinda looks a cross between the lead singer for the Counting Crows and Kid of Kid n Play. Alpaca House Party.
It's some bighorns! We had a staring contest...they won.A baby cow named Beauregard.We also made it to the nutrition pavilion, saw some cows, played with a miniature horse, and ran into my very first boyfriend ever, Kyle! I was imitating a chewing camel at the petting zoo/ feed barn when I heard my name and looked over see him and his family across the way.
All in all, it was a fabulous day.

For those of you that watch the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show on CMT, YES! I made it into the first episode. Although I only made it to semi finals, there’s a shot of me dancing, splitting, and smiling while they announce the finalists! So if you get a chance to watch it, look for the bleach blonde in a sparkly hot pink top and blue shorts.
Not my best look, but I did stand out a little.
Screen shots from my mom's tv.

So I tried running on the Katy Trail again yesterday, for the first time since last March. My joints HATE me right now. My ankles, knees, and hip flexors are dying. I need it though; I am running Race for the Cure again in two weeks (3.1 miles) and then the Turkey Trot again on Thanksgiving Day (8 miles).
I got a REALLY good idea while I was running though. I never go out on the trail if I’m going to walk. I run, or I don’t go at all. To me, I’m embarrassed to be out there if I’m not running, biking or rollerblading like everyone else. HOWEVER – there is an exception. When I see people walking, their tops are covered in sweat. Automatically I think – “Wow, they must have just gotten done with a really LONG run! I wish that were me….”
Technically, it’s okay to walk if you’re covered in sweat. People automatically assume you’ve just been going at it really hard and are in your cool down period.


So here’s my idea….

Ladies and gentleman –

A shirt with strategically placed “sweat marks” and “wet whiskers” to make it look like you’ve been working out for hours! No more worrying about what they’ll think about you taking a walk. Taking a walk in a *SWEAT-SHIRT* gives you a free out, fooling others to believe that you’ve just run the Boston Marathon!

Just think – looking like you’ve just expended yourself physically gives you a free out – hit up any restaurant or party in this *SWEAT-SHIRT* and you can eat or drink whatever you want – you’re THAT GUY who just worked out REALLY HARD. Now it’s time to enjoy life. You don’t even small bad….you didn’t even exercise, so you didn’t sweat!



What up, Gourd Season

So obviously my blog’s been out of commission recently, and with good reason! Work’s been a lot lately and with all my dedication to my students I’ve forgotten to get back to one of the things that makes me happiest – writing about them. HA! Just kidding. And with that, I give you –

The Fall/ Halloween Post of 2008!!

With the presidential election coming up, I would like you to all know that YES I’ve been researching each candidate, and am making my decision based on a myriad of information, mainly including their favorite pop culture icon and song of 1998. Anyway,

in the spirit of the recent vice presidential debate, I’ve created new campaign slogans for each camp, to show a little love to our VEEPEES! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Repubs: McPalin 2008! And the Dems: Obiden 2008! I will not divulge my political leanings, but I will advise that listening to celebrities is probably not the best idea….but hey, if you too believe that someday aliens are going to come and rescue everyone wearing red strings around their wrists and give the world to those with no less than five DUIs, then be my guest!

I am SO happy that fall is here. My favorite thing about fall is GOURD SEASON! Once it gets closer I will be making my annual trip to Central Market to pick out some delicious, decorative gourds for the apartment. My friend Mark first introduced me to these amazing beings back in 2004, and I haven’t been the same since. In fact, I am considering giving my students extra credit for bringing me gourds. How wonderful would a classroom full of gourds look on a Christmas card? Nothing says happy holidays like a science lab full of squash.

Fair day is Monday – of course, none of my friends are off the same day so Katie are going to try and head out there tomorrow – we love the car show, and haven’t been in forever. Plus, this year the new addition to the fried food feast is an friend apple pie that looks like an ipod. I just want to see someone actually eat the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard of. They even give you a free set of headphones when you buy it. I guess you stick the headphones in the apple pie and you can hear, not the ocean, but Chris Farley repeating “Fat guy in a little coat”.

High school bathrooms are like haunted houses. You walk in, holding your breath, wandering which door is safe, which door does NOT have something scary behind it, and you are usually wrong, and your heart stops, and you are horrified by what you have seen. Gives a new meaning to “I’m so sacred I’m about to pee my pants!”

Everyone makes fun of carneys, but aren’t haunted house actors like the scary version of carneys? They essentially do the same thing – sit together and smoke on their break, wearing garb reminiscent of a homeless person, leaving you wondering if they are working or just found a way to sneak in and mess with unsuspecting patrons.

On the sports front, college football has been the year of the upset so far – and I mean that in an underdog way, as well as a disappointed way towards my Aggies. It is my hopes that we’re in a rebuilding year….
Excitement ensues as I embark on my
trip to an Arkansas game! I will be heading to Fayetteville on Halloween for the homecoming game! Woo, pig soiee!
I also have gotten to go to a Stars game already this year! I’m going to pull a John Madden and state the obvious – we look good, and Sean Avery is HOT.

My sisters are completely awesome, I’ve decided. My youngest sister is conquering her first semester of college, taking 12 hours and heading towards being a teacher! She still has no car and works full time at a restaurant! My middle sister is also amazing, and I’m pretty jealous of all she’s done. At 20, she is a radio deejay, is in her third year of majoring in broadcast production, is a production assistant for the local news network, works in the school computer lab, AND just wrapped up assisting a prominent LA tv editor on a reality show pilot. Some may say I’m living vicariously through that little one!

After writing my rap about cells for a biology lesson, I have now crossed over into fifth grade music. My bff Amanda was in a prime number crisis, emailed me the prime numbers, and asked me to provide her with a suitable tune with which to sing said prime numbers. After much deliberation with my third period class, we figured out the “Yankee Doodle” has the same number of syllables as the prime numbers…I think I have a new calling. School songwriter! My current work is a rap about Tungsten for my classes’ element project. Once it is perfected, it will be unleashed on the world.

Things I have learned this year:
Kids do drugs in class by rubbing their noses with their index fingers while I’m lecturing
The drug dog sniffed out my classroom full of juniors clean, but found alcohol and cigarettes in the freshman class down the hall, meaning that 14 years old need more to get through the day than 17 year olds
The newest dance crazes are called the Stanky Leg and the Booty-Doo, and it’s more funny to pretend to be ridiculously white and frustrate my kids by asking them to show me “that turkey leg” dance again

I’m going to combine this stanky leg dance with the salt shaker and the superman dances and make my own called the “Shaky Man”. Basically you walk around the dance floor, with your pretend cape, flailing about as if you were having the jitters. I love it.

Go Green, Go Gourds, Peace Out, -CFLOW-