Probes, Balls, and Logs Galore!

Some days, you just cannot make stuff up. Stuff happens, and people say glorious things about it, and I write them down, for all to enjoy.
Here is an actual conversation had, this very morning, in a lesson planning meeting with other chemistry teachers from across the district.
It seems that we are introducing a new activity into our daily lessons, and these activities are called "probes".
Teacher 1: "So where should we stick our probes in this unit?"
Teacher 2: "Which probe are we using first?"
Teacher 3: "I thought we decided on using the floating logs probe first?"
Teacher 4: "Yes, let's do the log probe first!"
Teacher 5: "What about the floating balls probe? That one looks good!"
Me, after about 10 minutes of this: "So, balls or logs? And where exactly are we sticking each of these probes?" (Keep in mind I had about three other teachers watching me stifle my laugh the entire time.)
Oh, but that wasn't enough!
Other randomly selected quotes from the day, being as about 15 teachers are working together on one computer.
"Back it up!"
"It's always takes him about 30 minutes..."
"We should use a probe in every unit!"
And all the while, under my breath, I think I muttered "That's what she said" about 77 times.
I am admitting that I have a problem, and I'm trying to get off the "TWSS" wagon before August 25th. But, until then, watch out, I'm a champ, and will beat you to TWSS, not once - but always.
And the tagline reads:

"That's what she said" -

A fun, adult alternative game to Slugbug! So, while your little ones are busy beating up their pals at the sight a of Volkswagen, you my friend, are indulging in laughter with your fellow mates who enjoy a little inappropriate connotation!

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Amanda said...

oh my goodness!!! thats just too too funny!

those are the moments you're glad there aren't any students around!!! ;o)

one-ish week and counting!