I hate "Icebreakers"

Staff Development, Day Uno

Principal: "Let's go around the room and introduce ourselves! Tell me who your are, how long you've been here teaching, and something wonderful you did this summer!"

Cortney: "Hi! I'm Cortney. This is my third year teaching. I graduated from our wonderful high school and made my way onto Texas A&M (whoop inserted here) where I graduated from in the fall of 2005. This summer after I taught summer school I got to see my best friend from college marry a guy with my last name. So now, there's two of us - the only difference is that she has a husband....and I have a cat."

Everyone around the room: "Awwww....hahahahaha. You're better off with a cat!"

I love you, Courtney - just wanted to share the fact that you made a good story during an absolutely, positively, most excellently boring day of talking. :)


HMS said...

Cortney, you are invited to become an Author in Alexandria
where you may mirror your posts from here or elsewhere or originate new work as desired. For your contributions and participation we will blogroll your site, with no reciprocation required. The addition of your thoughts and perspectives will leaven all others. Contact us through the site for a full invitation and instructions.


Courtney said...

CFo, I love you and am so happy I was able to be a story for you in a forced, awkward staff development situation. Your blog brings me great joy...wait, YOU bring me great joy, and my new year's resolution is to be better about keeping up with you girls! xoxo