You down with ATP?

Today in summer school I completed what I like to call the "Cell Freestyle". It's basically a rap that describes the different parts of the plant and animal cell. The idea for this song came into conception around TAKS testing time this past April. My students cannot ever remember the parts of the cell, much less what each part does. So, with a little help from Naughty by Nature, I have changed the words of "OPP" to "ATP". Tell me what you think. :)

Now the C to the E to the L is something phat,

Plants and animals are all down with that

We all know that they both can't be the same,

So let's start with similarities, both have a membrane

One covers the nucleus and the other the cell,

It's like a club bouncer or a guard in jail

Helping to keep homeostasis maintained,

While letting the nucleus serve as the brain

The brain is the best place for the DNA,

It tells us what to do, how to think, and what to say

RNA comes in and does his transcription,

And leaves with a super special prescription

Translation ensues and and makes a protein code,

The ribosomes get ready and make the whole load

The Golgi body works just like the U.P.S.,

Carb and protein presents shipped out exocytosis!

The cytoplasm is just like a Jello mold,

Cell organelles float within its hold

Endoplasmic reticulum transports everything on time,

While the lysosomes digest trash with their enzymes

Plants and animals are alike in many ways,

But now let's contrast these two for a change

Plants reach for the sun and need to stand tall,

That's the reason why they all have a cell wall

Big vacuoles store food and water in sacs,

The little green disks are the chloroplasts

Filled with green chlorophyll they can't be missed,

They're the ultimate player in photosynthesis

Food is made from water and C-O-2,

Oxygen is given off for humans to consume

Mitochondria take in the food and oxygen,

And use it towards cellular respiration

Before you know it, we have energy,

In three little letters we call ATP!


You down with ATP?

Yeah energy!

You down with ATP?

Yeah energy!

You down with ATP?

Yeah energy!

Who's down with ATP?


YEAH! C-flo original.


Amanda said...

i.love.it. I will be selfishly printing out a copy to save in my files of 'some day i might need this in my classroom' stuff.

you're fantastic!

cara said...

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! you must be a fabulous teacher!!!