Is It Weird That? Vol. 1

Hi there!! Tonight is my first installment of:

Is It Weird That?
I find myself wishing I could email from my cell phone?
That my parents locked me in my room when I was eight years old until I learned all my times tables by heart and I'm still terrible at mental math?
That I still go to the public library because I figured out that the books were free?
That when I was little I thought that the little red balls on the power lines were filled with knives and fire?
That I LOVE teaching electron configurations?
That I teach chemistry and I still learn something new about it everyday?
That no matter how my day is going once I hear kids learning I get excited?
That one of the best present my mother ever bought for me was a DVD from the dollar store of my favorite Vincent Price scary movie?
That one of my favorite things to do is ride roller coasters even though I only get to do it once a year?
That I earn satisfaction from hoping that I will pay my child’s college tuition without them ever having to worry about it?
That I secretly wish I were an amazing chef and plan to live vicariously through my naturally blessed youngest sister?
That I also secretly wish I were a radio DJ and am again living vicariously through the other sister?
That I sometimes shrink my clothes hoping that they will either fit or entice me to lose weight?
That I can teach entire lessons based on Saved by the Bell episodes?
That I am convinced that I am the world's best accomodator?

I'll have a million more of those, I promise.

On a more normal note.... :)
Today, my friend Sarah asked me what my teaching philosophy is. I have never been asked what my teaching philosphy is before, and presented with a moment when I had to figure it out, I finally did.

"My personal philosophy on education is to teach to the kids that can be taught, and to not take personal the kids that do not share my enthusiasm on learning and planning for the future. In a public school system, many children have been raised to believe what their parents have taught them to believe. Many are already conditioned to think that a vocational school is their best bet, and do not expect much more of themselves - nor do their parents. All I can hope to do is latch onto the kids that care, and do everything I can to further them in their academic endeavors. If one 6 kids out of my 150 I teach every year goes to college and graduates, I consider that achievement on my part. I have learned to expect little happinesses from time to time rather than full on "change the entire student body" type achievements. It only takes one person to change the world....what if I was that one person's high school teacher? It could happen, and that's what I stand by."

Think about it - I think this philosophy could apply to anyone on Earth. What if we all could just reach one person? The great thing is that, we can! :)

Fun Fact of the Day:
The most flexible part of your body sustains the least ability to balance. The least flexible part of your body sustains ALL your ability to balance.

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