Happy Birthday Katie!

Today was my best friend Katie's 25th birthday.

We met my freshman year of college, and became roomies (for life!) at the age of 19. In honor of her special day, I left her present and some balloons on the counter in the kitchen - along with this poem! I wanted to wait until she read it to post it for everyone. (PS - I LOVE writing poems. Not great at it, but I try so hard I can call it a hobby.)

Katie Jane,

There's so much to say

On this, a most important

25th birthday.

Since we were 18

And pledges in Pi Phi,

We've made it from dorms to half a house and back

And seen how quickly 7 years can fly.

The years keep getting better

And the days seem to pass so fast

We lived the Ultimate College Experience

Being fun adults is now our task!

The future is looming ahead

It's something we can't ignore

But if we cherish each moment now

There's no telling what happiness may be in store.

You are the only person

I've ever been able to live with,

Sometimes I cannot imagine

Not having you, but a set of kids!

With 5 years left before we're 30

And officially very old,

I hope that you retain your grace and charm,

Abundantly spreading your heart of gold.

Love you, Katie!

Happy 25th Birthday.

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Amanda said...

I love you and I love Katie and I think that your poem is a perfect tribute to a fab friend! love!