From Greek to Geek!

As most of you know, I have taken my professional dorkiness to a new level and decided to attend a pre-AP Chemistry conference at UTD this week. For seven hours a day, five days in a row, I am in a classroom of assorted (mostly older, very interesting) teachers and learning about the joys of teaching advanced chemistry. Not that I will ever get to teach this anytime soon – it’s all out of hope. I have rather enjoyed the labs, being that my peers have complimented me multiple times on my very attractive safety goggles. (I got them at Home Depot in case you’re interested.) I have actually learned a lot, being as it feels like I’m in college again – a bit rejuvenating, if you will.
I have also learned that a watched clock never moves….and that teaching is like cooking. You have a base recipe and method of going about it, but your dish becomes more memorable (and asked for) once you’ve added your own special ingredients.
I wrote a new poem today in honor of me realizing what I was, what I became, and how thankful I am for the road that lead me here…and I named it:
From Greek to Geek

From Greek to Geek, I think I have this thing down!
From pearls to lab goggles, from jeans to pants of brown.

I used to chat about being safe while I’d sing,
And schedule buses to and from Pi Phi flings.

Now I talk about the periodic table or electron pull,
The only buses I see drop off the kids at school!

I once got paid 20 dollars a day,
To teach aerobics and how to lift weight.

Now I get paid 20 dollars an hour,
To send little hoodlums to the safety shower!

I memorized every Greek-lettered organization,
Now I use Greek letters for every chemical equation.

Who ever said that being an Aggie Greek was so odd –
Must be having a terrible time at their job.

“Miss, how do you know so much!” my kids ask,
As I ponder my answer I lift an Erlenmeyer flask.

Remembering wistfully when flasks were more fun,
Buying them as presents for my friends turning 21.

“I learned it all at the best school in College Station!”
I reply (knowing it was really my “other education”) :)

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Amanda said...

Oh, dear sweet Cortney... How do I love your poems? They always make me smile and tonight when I shared this particular gem with Francois we both laughed out loud! Love ya!