Cortneyisms for the Week

Cortneyisms for the Week:
I did a lot of thinking over the weekend, therefore I’m qualified to write aforementioned thoughts. I take them, package them up all pretty, channel Yogi Berra, and produce a little gem called a “Cortneyism”.
Feel the wisdom.
One happy, one thought provoking.
"Time is my worst enemy because I cannot change it, nor can I get it back.
Time is my best friend because it forces me to keep moving forward and remembering that even this moment will soon become a thing of the past.
Time – you either live in it or you lose it."
"Someone who is training to become a bodybuilder is like a woman who is slightly pregnant. You don’t know whether to tell them congratulations on how far they’ve come or to uncomfortably wonder why they’re slightly chubbier than usual."

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Amanda said...

oh, the adventures of that come when there are dbag wedding guests. le sigh.