Congrats Courtney and Michael!

Courtney and Michael are officially married!
For those of you that weren't at the rehearsal dinner, I'd like to share the toast we made to the two. Katie and I wrote it in the car on the ride down this weekend, and Kristy approved it upon her arrival from HAWAII!
This was the first time that Courtney, me, Amanda, Katie, and Kristy were all together in three years.
This was definitely one of the best weddings I've been too in a long time - more to come on that front.
Here's the most awesome toast ever. ;-)
A Toast to Courtney & Michael
July 18, 2008
As Read and Written by Katie, Cortney,& Kristy
Seven years ago in the summer of 2001,
We met as Pi Phi pledges, our college experience having begun

There was a girl who looked like Britney and a girl who looked like Drew,
They lived in the same dorm, even had the same name (one without a U)

They quickly bonded with their pledge sisters and as if by chance,
The Co(u)rtneys, Katie, Kristy, and Amanda joined the crew for Firedance

Formals, mixers, crush parties and football games were rocked in College Station,
Springs breaks coast to coast and New Orleans, sampling our fair share of libations!

The rest is history my friends, we sure did have a blast,
Tearing up the town, forging friendships that would last

Getting to know Courtney and even better, being her friend
Is getting to know a woman who is the epitome of genuine

We’ll never know if the world is ready for one more Courtney Fowler,
But we all know that our worlds would have never been the same if they would have been without her.

We are so very blessed to be here as Courtney begins her new life
By granting Michael the honor of becoming his beautiful wife

Please raise your glasses and join us in a toast to the happy pair
May God bless now and forever the great happiness you soon will share!

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Amanda said...

so.... again! you've composed a masterpiece!

(i heard it made people cry!)