Who Wins The War?

Today's war comes to you from my friendly neighborhood Super Target.
I love Super Target because you go expecting to buy nothing...and then end up getting seduced my the stationery aisle..oh look, accessories...aren't those shoes cute?...that dress is on sale!...I totally need some new mascara....these bowls and cups are like a dollar...did I run out of toilet paper?...I think I need shampoo...they sell wine here?.....and two hours later, you are two hundred dollars poorer.

So anyways, back to the war. Today's competitors: red headed toddler versus weary looking dad.
I am leaving an aisle, and I quickly stop to avert a head on collision with a small child wearing "Heelies" (sneakers with rollerblade bottoms). Full on description of child: White Heelies, pink shoelaces, purple and black witch costume dress from Halloween, bright red hair, the obligatory pointy witch hat.....and did I mentioned that this red headed delight was a BOY?
As I round the corner in shock, not from my almost collision but from my encounter with this special child, my shock turns to laughter. Chasing behind the boy is our weary challenger, the dad, alone, with another kid in the cart full of goodies. He looks tired, and I understand.
Dad definitely lost the battle. Today.
But come Sunday that kid will be ditching the cross dressing Halloween wear for a sweater vest, khakis, and boat shoes. Dad takes revenge. :)