The Stagewalk

It's a new form of the moonwalk, patented by me, and you've seen people do it everywhere, mainly when they graduate. I'll be doing it this Friday at 2 pm, and I have to tell ya, I couldn't be more excited.

So I'm off a few days but quite a bit has happened, ja know!
At church Sunday they gave every person money. Real money. I have to use it to further Jesus's name and then send back a postcard back to church telling them what I did with it.
I have never looked at 20 dollars the same!

Monday was along day of errands, making contacts, phone calls, setting up interviews, and the like. I wish the job search was over so I could just relax and be disgruntled like every other member of the American workforce! I didn't realize that getting a college degree would get me , well, not a whole lot! But I'm gonna keep on truckin. I apply for at least 5-10 jobs per day, and so far have had nothing promising, and no job offers since the Dallas Stars incident.

Speaking of the Dallas Stars, Jim Lites hosted the team Christmas Party at his 'estate' in Frisco last night. I carpooled with Kate and Valerie. We got there about two hours before the other Ice Girls and were literally just chilling. Ralph and Razor by far had the best costumes - Ralph in his red sequined shirt and zebra tie, Razor in his baby blue blazer and plaid pants, a la Ron Burgundy.
It still seems that no one wants to talk to us or something, and I was kinda bummed....
Until I got a phone call informing me that I seemed to have been awarded a seat at the Arkansas vs. Tech b-ball game next Wednesday night at the AAC. As I began floating on cloud nine, we deuced and I headed home to hit up that cereal and coffee before bed!

Today was an endless drone of workout, errands, yadda yadda yadda
I got a pseudo-job offer, graduation lilies!, and I made a healthy pancake feast for the fam, complete with a fruit salad garnish.
As a woman, I feel it is my duty to learn how to do some of these domestic-type things. That and if I'm going to eventually get a place on my lonesome, I better know how to take care of myself.
Sandwiches are easier and cheaper to make than reservations!
I also got a text message from an un-named professional football player....more details to follow. He surely has contacts in the sports industry, duh!

Thought of the Day:

The reason why we can't explain why love runs deeper than physical attractiveness can be summed up by the simplicity of a Christmas present. Yes, the bow may be crooked, the tape yellowed, and the wrapping may not be large enough to hide the contents, but the fact that it is there, with our name on it? That is more than enough. I don't know about you folks, but some of the best-wrapped gifts I ever recieved were things that I returned, and some paper bag presents have become treasures.

Froehliche Weihnachten!!
Merry Christmas from Germany!!

Have a good one, next time I blog I'll actually have a college degree.
A bachelorette of Sachse with a Bachelor of Science.
Now that sounds like a match made in Heaven!!

God Bless Us, everyone!

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