Just call me Cort Kringle

For those of you who have been living in a cave under a waterfall for the past 22.5 years, I have an urgent announcement:

Cortney lives, breathes, and engulfs herself in the holidays...Particularly Christmas. The month-long span of November 25-December 25th may actually, literally be the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily, my birthday is less than half a year later, so I have something to slightly look forward to 'till Jesus's birthday comes a-knocking once more.

Christmas is great, because unless you live in Narnia, it will always be here. Everyone wants to get in on it - no matter what their religion. I don't think Jesus minds everyone coming to his party - in fact, I think he would prefer it that way.

Christmas makes everyone feel all happy and warm and stuff. You get mad less, you give more, and no matter how superficial the world seems, people totally find themselves being thankful. You don't need a reason to hug or to pig out on naughty delights like figgy pudding. (had to say it)

Christmas is better than all the other holidays (except Easter, of course).....
You aren't in anticipation of one particular second on the clock just to fall asleep when it arrives.
You don't get pinched for not wearing what some perceive as a very unattractive color.
You aren't expected to give the meanest kid in the class a random card with cupids on it only to find that they forgot to bring anything and ate all the teacher's Hershey's Kisses.
You aren't forced to wear the bare minimum in chilly weather just to keep your significant other's eyes off the suggestive "schoolgirl".
There's no tease here: that turkey will last you the rest of the break....No going back to work/ school with a day's worth of indulgences gobbling through your digestive system.

The two cents - that's all I got.

Yesterday I literally drove an hour out to Arlington to interview for a group sales position with the Texas Rangers. It sounds wonderful and fun, but it's non-salaried hourly plus commission pay with no benefits. Is this really all I am worth? Nobody wants me to be able to go to the dentist? Guess if I get offered that, which I won't even know about till January or February, I'm gonna have to do a lot of flossing, rinsing, brushing, and not getting sick.

I also went to see the giant lights/ inflatable display in Grand Prairie. Nothing says holidays like airblown palm trees and flamingoes. There were plenty of snowmen, in fact there was a "Snowman Factory". Talk about creepy. There were Frosty heads lined up in a row like pumpkins, a waiting to be assembled. Why do some snowmen have stick arms and others guns of snow? If snowmen can smile, what do you make their tongues out of? Why aren't there any African American snowmen?

I also went to see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I almost forgot reading that book by CS Lewis back in the day! Movie was spectacular, and I can't wait to see the rest of the Chronicles. Perfect allusion to the good book. I accompanied it with my favorite movie candy - Junior Mints. But these weren't any old Junior Mints - they were the holiday inside-out edition. White chocolate outside, and smooth creamy minty dark chocolate goodness on the inside. If I described it to you in person, you'd be grossed out be my overzealous drool.

Ah, Saturday and nothing to do...mom and the girls are at work/ dance and I feel terrible being lazy. Just did the dishes, now onto the wash. Guess it's time to be productive...don't want to make any false statements on those bajillion cover letters, eh?

Quote of the Day:
"I didn't know you were going to Finland!
That sounds great, getting to go there. The President of the company I worked for in South Dallas was from Finland. The company was owned by a Finland Family. How about that?!" - my grandpa upon reading my Ice Girl bio :)

On that note: I found a website that tells me how to say "Merry Christmas" in a plethora of languages!! In honor of an eternal dream, I found today to be a perfect chance for Finland!

**Hyvaa joulua!!**

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