Game on!

So you didn't think it would happen?
Not gon' lie, neither did I.

Here's the reason I have come back to the blog: Writing about my day is like keeping myself accoutable to it. I'm on this whole kick where I wanna DO good, I wanna BE good, I wanna surround myself with people, place, and beliefs that are going to influence me in this direction. So there!!

And also...I missed it.
Life is too weird on my end not to comment on it.

It's only been a year since I last posted, and rather than rehash the tips and turns of past events, today will start anew!

This morning I drove back from College Station. The recent blast of wintry weather in DF-Dub trapped me there, but I'm not complaining. I got to watch movies and sleep in the most comfortable tangle of quilts, couches, and chairs ever at KK, Court, and Katie's house. When I woke up today Kristy taught me how to use a credit card (or an old Gattitown card) to scrape ice off my windshield. I have never been so cold down there in my life!!!

On the travel home I stopped at my normal Shell stations to get my coffee refilled. I called everyone, let em know I was safe and sound. I bundled up and listened to the Hanson Christmas CD. One of these days, that thing is gonna give up on me. Until then, it's my album of choice from November - December 25th. I saw multiple wrecked vehicles in ditches and skidded over a few icy patches.

When I got here I did something I haven't done since I was 5: I took a bubble bath! I gave my face and hair a respectable mask and I doused myself in sparkly aromatic bath confettis!! I soaked for about half an hour and topped it off with cucumber melon body lotion and foot lotion from Israel! Right now I've never smelled so wonderful or been so smooth!

Get ready...I'm back.
Things I will probably talk more about this year:
Driving. Job-searching. Best friends. Soft pretzels. Hockey. Obsession with Finland. Life. Love. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness.
And all while keeping that positive, humorous air about it all.
Prepare to be uplifted, for these daily musing are not ever intended to be depressing, but at moments maybe a little cynical.

Thoughts of the Day:

A good bubble bath is like Heaven. You know the greatness that awaits you, but you can't bring yourself to step foot in it until you've actually earned it. It is only then that you can really enjoy what you have to received.

My name is Cortney...I am a laugh, song, dance, and exclamation-aholic.

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