Words of Wisdom fo' 2005

Hello to all!
It's me Cortney, and I'm back here with a clean slate in the year of 2005! I have decided to start off a new year of blogging by adding some random words of wisdom for your reading pleasure. I will not say what or who sparked these thoughts, but just know that they are here for the taking. Feel free to pick them apart or just chuckle at them.

All that matters is that I'm back and I'm bad in 2005.
And so are the DALLAS MAVERICKS.
Oh, how I love my team.
On with the show!

c.Flow's Words of Wisdom - 2005

Truth is like vegetables...
you never want it, but you know you need it to live
...and it tastes horrible going down.

A great guy is like a fine wine...
the best ones are worth a lot of money and are very mature.

I am going to invent a perfume called 'Trophy Wife'...
the bottle is going to be expensive and ornate
...the formula will be nothing more than toilet water.

The moments you never expect...
that's what makes life worth living.

Marriage is like going to a restaurant that has awesome desserts...
you know you want one eventually
...but you definitely want that meal FIRST!

The problem with living behind an image is that you never form real relationships with the people that REALLY matter.

So with that I will say GOODNIGHT and GOOD MORNING to 8 am classes and 14 hours in the Spring of 2005!

"I know y'all heard bout a lot of great MCs but they ain't got nothin on me. I'm 5'2" I wanna dance with you and I'm sophisticated fun" - Missy

That's my new motto.
-c.flow, aka Sophisticated Fun-

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