Lovin on those Sundays

Hello there, and I hope you're having a great day too.

I love today, because today is my day off. No work, no school, no exercise, nothing but food, tv, and a to-do list about 4 feet long. It's all well deserved. You know you've reached a good point in your life when you realize that you do need a break every now and then.

Plus, next week I start rehearsals on Sundays, again.

So today I woke up totally late and was rewarded with getting to watch the Mavericks beat the Nuggets....on TELEMUNDO!!! Since they don't broadcast Dallas games down here, I was extremely suprised and am hoping that there will be more games on Telemundo that I can watch. Plus, the commentator is funny. Everytime Dirk gets the ball and shoots (about every 2 seconds) the dude goes "Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirk!!!!!" and he rolls the 'R' and everything. Broken english abounds, and everything that flashes on the screen you have to figure out if you don't speak Spanish (me).....its wildly entertaining and it has made me realize - Basketball is a universal language.
As it should be!!

Anyways, I had a pretty decent first week of school. Aside from having a test and paper due this week, it wasn't too bad at all. Tuesdays are going to be my days of dread: 4 classes, rehearsal, and hip hop. Mondays and Wednesdays I only have 2 classes, and then I teach Abs/Back class. Fridays I don't have class, but I do have rehearsal from 12-4:30.

I also did the normal first week of school lazyfun things. I went to piano bar on Wednesday night and left early because it was turning into a smoky smelling sardine sweatfest. Thursday night the plans to go out turned into champagne and Trivial Pursuit....Friday was Fajitas and Margaritas night at our house, and the welcoming of Katie's now kitten, Bingley......and SATURDAY............

I got Schwinn Cycle certified at the Rec! 8.5 hours of indoor mountain biking mayhem!
All in the name of being a well-rounded, more marketable person.

Once I got done I came home and got all gussied up for Lambda Chi's annual White Trash Bash. I wore my cutoff jean shorts, my cowgirl boots, a little shirt and my 1986 Fajita Pigout Survivor hat. Mark wore his yellow foam Pace Picante hat and a Nascar jacket, and we ruled the party together! May have not been the most politically correct event I've ever been to, but it was probably one of the coolest parties I've been to.

I just got done watching Desperate Housewives and am an admitted superfan. It's clever and not raunchy, which is the one thing that bothered me about Sex and the City. Now I'm watching Bridget Jones for what could be the fifth time in the last month. Not gonna lie.....Hugh Grant is smokin...

And here's to a new series:
"What You Don't Know About c.Flow"
1. I think Simon Cowell is extremely attractive.
2. When I was little I wanted to add the U to my name so people would quit spelling it wrong.
3. I want to swim in a giant pool of strawberry-banana Jello someday.

Stay classy, and DEUCE!


Words of Wisdom fo' 2005

Hello to all!
It's me Cortney, and I'm back here with a clean slate in the year of 2005! I have decided to start off a new year of blogging by adding some random words of wisdom for your reading pleasure. I will not say what or who sparked these thoughts, but just know that they are here for the taking. Feel free to pick them apart or just chuckle at them.

All that matters is that I'm back and I'm bad in 2005.
And so are the DALLAS MAVERICKS.
Oh, how I love my team.
On with the show!

c.Flow's Words of Wisdom - 2005

Truth is like vegetables...
you never want it, but you know you need it to live
...and it tastes horrible going down.

A great guy is like a fine wine...
the best ones are worth a lot of money and are very mature.

I am going to invent a perfume called 'Trophy Wife'...
the bottle is going to be expensive and ornate
...the formula will be nothing more than toilet water.

The moments you never expect...
that's what makes life worth living.

Marriage is like going to a restaurant that has awesome desserts...
you know you want one eventually
...but you definitely want that meal FIRST!

The problem with living behind an image is that you never form real relationships with the people that REALLY matter.

So with that I will say GOODNIGHT and GOOD MORNING to 8 am classes and 14 hours in the Spring of 2005!

"I know y'all heard bout a lot of great MCs but they ain't got nothin on me. I'm 5'2" I wanna dance with you and I'm sophisticated fun" - Missy

That's my new motto.
-c.flow, aka Sophisticated Fun-