I am Number ONE


I am back from the long week of three tests, but it turned out to be ok. Nothing went drastically horrible or totally great, but I know what I need to do to try and hit a decent GPR this semester. School and all the things I'm involved are really starting to put me in a bind.

Just a small disclaimer...I about to hit it hard with the next two weekends full of stuff, and my second and very hard lab practical....I'm getting tired thinking about it. Which means Thanksgiving break is exactly what I need...I can't wait!
There's a lot of things I can't wait for....like starting my internship!!! I can't believe that I leave in August to go start "working" where I might actually get lucky enough to start my career! YEAH!

Now, onto COOL things. I am NUMBER ONE! No, that's not me being shallow, it's the truth! I started doing that Yahoo Fantasy Basketball game, because if I want to work in the field, I got to play in the field, ya know! Anyways, my team "BUTTA DUMPLIN" is first in my league as of this moment! I am going to chalk it up to the fact that I have Kevin Garnett, and that I got rid of my injured center, Divac. The best guy I could get to replace him was Alonzo Mourning, so we'll see how this goes.

The AGGIES face OU this weekend. I saw their big truck outside when I was heading up here for rehearsal (I'm at the Read Bldg right now) Somebody asked me if I saw Adrian Peterson, but no, sorry, I just saw bag-carrier guys. What a job....."yes, I'm a 'bag carrier' for Sooner football"

My sorority has initiation all weekend, so I'm going to be sleepy like whoa, and then heading out for the game....hopefully it will be football weather this time! (COLD)
I like it outside right now, its about 70s....but I wish it were colder. I am wearing my "Greek fleece" in protest.

One of my rehearsals was canceled for the rest of the semester, so it looks like I will actually have one night during the week off! And what ELSE....oh yeah!!!

DANCE ARTS SOCIETY FALL SHOW, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14TH 3:00 PM - get you tickets Monday thru Friday at the Box Office! They are only three dollars for students, and its going to be really good this semester-there's hip hop, lyrical, jazz, modern, ballet, and more. And plus, I'm in the very FIRST routine, so come watch me, and then watch it with me! There is nothing better than having a little help from your friends...... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I apologize for the incessant ramblings of today's entry, but I am going to blame it on a still-jumbled post-test connection of thought. That's where you've had a lot of tests in a row, and when you are done you don't want to think. But then you try to, and it doesn't exactly work the way it once did.

That's ok, I'm just about back to normal....DEUCE!

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