Gourds ONLY

I think my Halloween was made ten times scary by the show that the Aggies put on for us over at ol' Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco. A&M - ranked 16th, beaten by the Baylor Bears. I was hoping it was all a bad, bad dream, but alas, it is still for real. Let's gig em Ags, come back out of this mess, and hang on for the Sooners next weekend!

EEsh, we are all still trying to forget that in Aggieland! Here's some things to look forward to THIS WEEK:
(In order of increasing coolness)

"Two Test Tuesday"!
"Test - Quiz Thursday"!
Sorority Initiation!
The presidential elections!
NBA season openers!
My sister Emily's 15th birthday!


Anyways, Saturday I studied all day, watched a couple scary movies, and had a show out at Tombstone. It was for a large church organization, and I was the only Saloon Girl besides Kate out there. And I have never gotten hit on by more dudes in my life. You'd think religious guys would give it a break, but I guess they liked the way I held a rifle. That night everyone was depressed from Saturday's football fiasco, so I got some more studying done, yay.

Sunday, back into the swing of things. Church, lunch, Songfest, and lots of time with my boy, who was just accepted into grad school here at ol A&M. I am super excited for him....but also a little sad now that I for sure know all we have left together is the spring. That's where hope and positive thoughts come into play!
Blah blah blah, we watched the Sci Fi creepy marathon and ate sandwiches and carrots and some Halloween candy.
The pumpkins I carved both rotted and turned blue before it was even TIME for trick or treaters, if we had even had any at all! Kinda sad about that as well!

THAT'S IT. Next year I am buying straight GOURDS, probably the cool ones from Central Market, I don't even know.

Funny Story of the Day: just found a note in my box at the sorority house, an invite to the SAE Halloween Crush party. I had a good laugh. It's not everyday you get crushed by your ex's fraternity. HAHA good one, guys!!!

Well, that's all I got....say a little prayer for me between 9:30 and 12:20 if you think about it, I would be totally appreciative.


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