Tales of Incrimination

Talk about digging yourself a hole, sticking your foot in your mouth, or any other catch phrase referring to saying something dumb in front of the wrong people. At least it wasn't me who said it!

First of all, let me take you back to the Fall of 2003, when I was dating an unnamed Corps boy. cough* grant speakes* cough
We stopped dating about a week after Halloween because I saw him twice with his now girlfriend Christy. You get the deal now. Caught red-handed, yadda yadda, yadda.

ANYWAYS. My roommate Amanda, and her boyfriend Francois ( the guy who set me and Grant up) were going to lunch, and happened to run into Grant and Christy. Grant completely forgets who he's talking to and says to A&F : "Isn't it great? Mine and Christy's one year anniversary is on October 29th!"

Funny. Pretty sure he was running around with me on Northgate last year, me dressed as Britney, and him as a cop.

My my my.....sir, I do believe you have been the first victim of....

Fun stuff, I had a mighty good laugh.

Anyways, I had three rehearsals last night, and I didn't leave them until 12:30. We showed the hip hop dance to Ms. Snell-Witt and I picked up a new nickname....."Britney"

I am riDIRKulously tired today and don't feel so hot, but I can make it...we're having a pumpkin carving party at our duplex tonight. Boy am I ready for that! One more rehearsal to go.....

So I heard you guys are obssessed with thefacebook.com now, thanks to me.
Here's a new one!
Supercool search engine, and it's still building up. The CEO is really young, so it's totally stuff we look for, and a lot more releavant than those other search engines.

And there's my two cents.....maybe even three. Catch ye on the flipside!~

Motown Philly back again...doing our little East-Coast DEUCE!

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