Coming off of a great day and I am back. Sorry the blog has been out of commission for a little while, I've been a slightly busy!!! I'm not even gonna try and get these past two months of my life updated, I'm just gonna start with this WONDERFUL Saturday and look INTO the future!

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero, one....


The morning began with what could be called another Hurricane Aggie. Thunderstorms at 9 am, so I got to sport the sorority pullover, whoop! Too bad I only have about a year to wear it, because I'd probably look goofy walking into a job wearing my cool letters on a rainjacket. Do people do that?

Anyways, Katie got invited to speak at Dr. Gates' pre game breakfast buffet this morning. I was lucky enough to be her date slash totally awesome support system. Does it get better than free biscuits, eggs, and coffee with my best friend? To my amazement, YES!

First we walk up to get our nametags, which were both spelled right! This was a treat in itself, 'cause everyone leaves the A out of Katie's last name, and put a U in my first name. A vowel for a vowel, wha wah whaaa.

The woman informs us that will be sitting at Dr. Gates' very own table. Wow!
Who else will be sitting there BESIDES the president of Texas A&M? Oh, just...
Governor Bill Owens of Colorado
Governor Rick Perry of TEXAS
THE one and only Lowry Mays
Rudy Rudiger, the former Notre Dame football player
and the big finish.....
Former President George Bush and Former First Lady Barbara Bush!!!!!

Intimidation for Katie was at an all time high.
All I was worried about was making sure I had enough time to meet the folks, get Katie pumped up, and down my delicious plate of TAMU brunch buffet goodness. And a couple cups of coffee.

After I had a cow, and called my dad and mom, and calmed down and prepared to meet some of the coolest people ever. We didn't even have to go thru the buffet line either...they asked me what I wanted, and they went and got it...I felt so spoiled. But then I reminded myself that I was getting pampered on my amazing roommate's behalf.

Meeting these esteemed peeps was quite interesting. Gates took a second from chowing down to stand and shake my hand. His wife was real nice, too.

Governor Owens was supercool. He's Texan, too, and a Republican at that. He saw that Katie had her speech and he snatched it from her to look over it."Katie", says Owens, "speeches are simple. All you have to do is read it. That State of the State speech is like 60 pages, but all you have to do is read it."Hmm....State of the State versus buffet....one seems a little harder :)

Governor Perry shook our hands... and said,
"Are you girls swimmers? You look like a couple of swimmers. You've got those svelte looking swimmer bodies."Katie and I weren't sure what he was talking about, or if it was a joke.
So we nervously laughed and nodded.....and I think we're both still trying to figure that one out.

At least he gave Katie a high five when she went up to talk! Totally sweetThen, the couple of the hour arrived. No, I did not get to shake hands with THE George Bush, but Barbara DEFINITELY did come over to introduce herself to me and Katie!!! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. What an excellent woman! It only makes sense that she is a member of own very own chapter!!!

Gates called Katie up to speak....she did such a good job. We laughed we sighed, we oooh and we ahhhhed. Katie is going places, not a doubt in mine or anyone else's minds at this point. She was cheered on by some of the most influential people of the USA and made her impact this morning! YAY for the Shawty K!!!

Barbara Bush in particular enjoyed Katie's speech. Governor Owens had to explain what a "teasip" was, and when Katie mentioned our sorority, she gave Georgie a little nudge and a smile.

What a feeling, to be in that room with those people at that very moment!!! Can't get a feeling like that very often!!! EESH.Can life get any more exciting?

Here in Aggieland, anything can happen. Enter, the TAMU football team, in an all out battle to the end versus Colorado today. 3 seconds left on the clock, 4th quarter, us 23, them 26. We kick it, and TIE the game.OVERTIME! WE get the ball, and after one failed touchdown attempt, and some false hopes, we only managed to score three more points.....Colorado gets the ball, and on their third down they pass, fumble, and all chaos breaks loose!!!

We haven't beat Colorado at Kyle Field the past two times...and we are still tied with OU for FIRST place in the BIG 12!!!I can't even believe it...we are going to a bowl game!! Who knows what else may happen this season?

Maybe it's because me and Katie bought out very own Texas A&M bracelets. Hmm....now that we are "living Aggie" maybe we have contributed to the strength of the athletic program. Or maybe we have just gleefully fallen into another trend that makes us feel like part of the gigantic "Aggie Family". I'll take both.

I got home tonight and my little sister called and told me mom bought her a car today. It sounds so cute, and she sounds so happy. Now that my mom has a great job, we may be able to breathe for a bit....and that is one of the best feelings in the world. I can't stand seeing my own family not being able to get back on their feet, and not being able to do a thing about it.

I hope you all take the time to consider how lucky you are for what God has blessed you with. Family, friends, talents, sunshine...the list never ends. What a wonderful world.

Okay, back to watching Amateur Night at the Apollo. I hate to say it, but I love it when a white guy comes out and gets honked off the stage......hmmm guilty pleasure.

"I neeeed candy. And when you need something, it's a responsibility." - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I don't need permission, make my own decisions, that's my preroga- DEUCE!

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