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So Wednesday night was the 1st Annual Ten-O-Six Pumpkin Carving/ Lunar Eclipse Party thanks to Amanda's creative ideas. We watched the BoSox finish off the World Series, whoop, and had snacks. Kristy and Court brought over Cups of Dirt - pudding with gummiworms - and about 15 peeps total carved jacks out on our deck.

I've never carved a pumpkin before and I do believe it was one of the best times I've ever had doing anything that involved goopy sticky stuff and me having to pull it out of a hole.

I made two jacks: both from stencils off the Homestar Runner website. If you do not know about these cartoons, you are missin out on some freaking hilarious stuff. If you do, you would be happy to know that I made myself a Homestar pumpkin, and a TROGDOR pumpkin to go with it!

I am very proud of my battle wounds from the carving knives!

Wow, Kristy's birthday on Northgate last night was a BLAST. We started out with shots at the Dry Bean, as normal. I bought her an "Oatmeal Cookie", mostly because it has two of my favorites in it, wink! Then we headed over to Mad Hatters' and got some real drinks, I just got some Diet Coke & SoCo....it's so good, all of you are in denial! After that we hit up Logan's for the rest of the night, and topped it off with dinner at Taco C. Who knew the wait time would be 30 minutes at 2:30 in the morning?

You know it's a good night when you have heart to heart conversations with some of your very best friends, who have probably been drinking more than normal....honesty ensues!

This morning I didn't do a lot because I was definitely tired, feeling those last couple of drinks. I had rehearsal from 1-3 and then an aerobics workshop till 8....fun Friday, eh?
Then I met Nicole for dinner at Fazoli's, mmmm. We had a lot to talk about, unfortunately because things back in Garland were sad this week for one of our old drill team buddies.

On a lighter note, I am chilling for the rest of the weekend. Dancing in a show tomorrow and takin it easy because I have THREE TESTS next week.

Welcome to the town of Your Week Is Going To Suck
Population - Cortney!


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