I am sooooo in love..........

With a new softdrink!!!!

I was in the MSC today, getting a Vanilla Coke at the machine, when I was tempted by the fruit of another.
And that other's name was Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
I've had some good sodas...and I've had some great sodas. This one ranks up there in my world of delicious drinks containing artificial sweetener.
At least I'm heading for cancer on the aspartame train of goodness.

Got up super early this morning so I could get ready slow. I have not slept past about 9 in I don't know how long. This morning was 8:30....and it doesn't look like I'll be sleeping much anytime soon. One test and quiz this week, and three tests next week. BUH.

Went to church with the Markster, and then we went to get buffalo burgers at Wings n More. SO GOOD! Then I let him take a look at my team for Yahoo Fantasy NBA, because I am definitely in a public league! My team name is BUTTA DUMPLIN and I have the number one player in the NBA, Kevin Garnett. I also got some more sweet picks, but we'll see how the season turns out for me and my real favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks!

Anyways, I taught the hip hop dance for our Songfest routine today. It looks cute, and its easy, so hopefully it goes over well since hardly anyone came to practice. UGH....not so great.

Then I went over to the MSC to hit an efficiency high, studying for two hours straight!

And then I was bad. I went and got a really yummy meal, that was ridiculously unhealthy, but freakin' awesome. Blue Baker Four Cheese and Tomato Pizza with an oatmeal raisin cookie and an iced tea. I am not going to think about the calories that are ravaging my body and and plunging into my already dense fat stores.

I am going to think about how satisfied I feel that I got to eat it while watching a new TV show, Desperate Housewives, with my two pals Amie and Katie at their place! What a fun study break, indeed. Now I am hooked, and cannot wait for next Sunday!

So here I am, back where I belong, at the place I will continue my quest for Anatomical Excellence....the West Campus Bibliotheque.

It's good to be back and blogging again.

My name is c.Flow, and I approved this message.

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