Thinkin of you's workin' up my appetite...


I am back in Aggieland for quite a while. That there is a picture of my naked cat, Patches. His collar was removed in a fortunate bathtub encounter, so yes, he is clean, but still very naked looking. He has made himself a bed on top of my white flamingo robe....my clean white robe...more like fur covered robe now. But do I care?
No way, that cat is too cute.

Anyways! Had an exciting few days. I finished Physics...HOLLA and I am now getting ready for life as I will know it for the next two weeks...sorority recruitment!

Katie rode home with me on Tuesday after we went to lunch with Mark and Ryan's youger brother Alex, who will be a freshman here in the fall! We stopped in Dallas to do a little shopping, her for some totally cute jewelery, and me for Mark's birthday present. I got him this totally tight tee and the Anchorman soundtrack!

I also found that I had left my debit card at the gas station we stopped at in Hearne, which is about 20 miles outside College Station. I kept the freaking down to a minimum and simply called to cancel my card. I should be getting a new one soon....but I am just so dependable on that card that it is going to be extremely rough without it for these next couple of weeks!

I got home and ate dinner with the fam. After that I headed to bed!

The next day we went up to Richland to get my shockingly expensive books for my online class. We also went to get me some new clothes for school and fun, and then we finally came home. Mom cooked dinner again, and I made the rice puddin! MMM!

On Thursday I went to get my hair done! (My birthday present!) It is so DARK! I had no idea she was going to make it brown with hints of blonde. So I guess I am not technically a blonde at the moment. But we'll see what happens when I wash it. I like the cut too. My mom was real suprised and kinda didnt like it, but I had to reassure her that it is just hair, and it can be chaged if it is absolutely too horrible for her to handle!

Mark came home from C/S and came over to get me, cause my mom thought that my tire may have been slashed. Good news is that it is ok, just had gotten a little flat...it is the tire that I curbcheck with all the time! Anyways, we went over to Katie's house and had the best time ever! We watched old school Nickelodeon game shows like Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. 'Legends' as they call it is definitely my favorite one yet.

We got back today, and I did the Rec and errands thing, like normal. It doesn't even seem like a Friday nite! And plus, nobody's hardly in town!

Oh well....many, many things to be done!
I get to go to Jennifer and JP's wedding in Houston tomorrow! It is going to be a WAY FUN wedding, and I can't wait!

I love you all and I am so excited about the remainder of the summer!

"a - b - c .... easy as one - two - DEUCE!"
Reminder: Wednesday, the 18th...NORTHGATE...Mark is FINALLY turning 21!

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