Guess who's back...back again...Cortney's back...tell a friend!


You'd think that since I didn't have any tests this week that I'd be blogging like crazy. But without any kamikaze studying, how would I get any material for my crazy stories!
Therefore, I have not had a lot to write about, and for that I am sorry. I am not sorry about having no tests this week.

This I HAVE done.
Taught my classes at the Rec.
I quit finance, my average turned out to be an 87.25. And 88.5 was an A. So I got a B. BLEH!
In physics, as long as I make a 74 on the final I will get a B.

I did another show out at Tombstone last night, complete with hayrides! Aside from brainwashing the crazy 8 year olds with the Aggie War Hymn, I danced with them and learned their nicknames, and who had a crush on who, etc. You know, all the important business.

I watched High Fidelity, finally. I am a fan of Jack Black and had heard that this movie was a good representation of the man, the legend.

I went to church with Katie and Mark and wasn't so scared of the hymns this time because I had Katie the Pitch Master as my hymnal partner. but I still sang VERY quiet.

Today I went to lunch with my very good friend Clint. I am so excited because he is about to start a whole new life with a wonderful person that fits him perfectly. People always ask me if its weird to see him like that, but it really can't be easier. We're two years apart in age and he started wanting completely different things out of life than I did, which is totally understandable. Clint put it best when he said "When you turned 21 I realized, WOW...I did that two years ago!" It was a great time, and it was good to talk with someone that was pretty close to my dad before he left. Sometimes a person needs to talk about hurtful events in little in spurts to ease some of the pain...and it helped to hear him say that I had a good reason to be upset in the first place, and to still be sorta upset now. And of course we talked about him and Holly, and me and the guy I am so excited to be dating now...it was not hard to gush about that!
(I promised him I wouldn't be ghey and talk about him on my Blog, but like everyone doesn't know who it is!)

Anyways, I better jet, because the fun of physics lab and telemarketing awaits!
This is C.Flow, deucing off.

MMMBop...not funny
Soy and Worsteshire...very funny
And I don't know how to spell....would you like to come to a "party in my pants"?


Anonymous said...

I would like to extend to you an invitation to a pants party. It's only 2345 miles away :-P lates!

Anonymous said...

mmmm Bop, totally funny