Cosby schweater, cosby schweater!

Hello there all of my glorious friends!

I am hanging out in my new game room at home in G-town.
This room, formerly known as Sarah's room, and before that known as Cortney's room, is the room in the back of the house with the only thing I asked for when we built this house: a balcony! Part of me hopes the house gets sold soon because I know we need the money, but the other part of me hopes we don't sell the house so soon because we have lots of sweet things in here now, like the tv, the playstation, the video camera, and the computer.

If anyone ever comes to spend the night we are definitely partying in up in my news TAAS gameroom. I will still be sleeping on the couch tonight though because it's my favorite.

Anyways, I had a productive Thursday. I studied, ate, did a class at the Rec, and then headed out to Zapatos to hear a band called Good Intentions. I know two of the guys in the group, and they made some pretty tight sounds!!! There were so many people there I actually knew, mainly people from either Sealy Texas or Hotard Hall, which was very exciting. I talked alot, drank alot of Diet Coke, and got to sit with Katie, Mark, and Richie of course.
I even got a taquito afterwards! ;-)

Today I got up, showered, went to physics where we reviewed all class....good for me since that is EXACTLY what I need to prepare for this heinous final coming up on Tuesday! Then I came back home, packed, got gas for the 'Stang, ate lunch, and headed back up to the Rec to decide my schedule for the fall semester.

Don't get too excited though. I only got two classes so far. We'll see what else comes up.

I also taught classes and got ready to go home! I was lucky enough to earn a passenger - Mister Brett! I thought he was going to sleep the whole way since he had a hangover but he actually ended up staying awake with me and helped me get home. There was a tremendous detour we had to take off of 45, which added on at least an hour to my drive time.

We left Aggieland at around 4:15 and I did not see my house until 8:30. Granted I did have to drop Brett off in Allen, but that really only put 40 minutes on---20 mins there and back. Why can't all parts of hwy 75 be like the stretch between the Turnpike and Allen?

Anyways, I get to work a promo at the mall in Arlington tomorrow. I am assisting a model search for Ecko Unlimited, a clothing company similar to FUBU. I get paid over 100 bucks for only six hours. Not too shabby. the worst part I think will be the drive out there and the drive back to pick up Brett and go home to College Station. But boy will it be good to be home again.

My sisters are so cool. I literally love hanging out with them, both of them being in high school and all. Right now Emily(the ninth grader) is playing "The Need for Speed" on our old school playstation and will scream at anyone who tries to get in the way of the TV. Sarah (the junior) is videotaping Emily with our camcorder and is frustrating the crap out of her.
Sarah just got her driver's license but has no car, and my mom is definitely not too excited about letting Sarah out and about in her car. I told Sarah when I come back next week she can drive me around! :)

Okay got to be up early so I am checkin' out.
Or maybe I will go back to watching my relateds make movies of each other playing playstation. I don't know where they get all this weirdness from!

you and me baby ain nothin but mammals so lets DEUCE

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