Britney will never be Mrs. Federline

How do I know this?
I was listening to Toxic today....by the lyrics it is apparent that she is on drugs.

"There's no escape/ I can't wait/ I need a hit/ Baby gimme it
You're dangerous/ I'm lovin it
Too high/ Can't come down
Losin my head/ Spinnin round and round...."

Take a little advice from most fabulous Hollywood stars and go to rehab...and ditch the white trash dancer while you're at it.

But obviously she can keep the *bling* because she bought it herself.

Okay, now I get to go back to studying for my Physics Cumulative Final.
That's right, all caps.
17 chapters aint no thing....but could possibly be the end of my sanity.

Tomorrow I am heading home for a 4 day vacation after my final! See you guys on Friday when I get back!


*9 days till the HOTtest guy ever turns 21!*

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