You boys like MEXICO!!!

Hi there!

I just wrote an opinionated letter to the campus newspaper on my frustration with campus food prices. All this ruckus over an apple. But it felt good to write the letter, because I am now freed of my frustration monster.

Somebody tells me why it smells like burritos in the computer lab, eh? When you're trying to eat less, it doesn't help having the smell of grossly greasy but delish tex mex wafting past your nose...which is connected to an empty belly.

I haven't eaten a burrito since....wow..do I even eat burritos?

Anyways, got up this morning at SEVEN and went to workout! I was there till nine, did my hour 'o cardio and my lower body weights and I felt so great. Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be so fun.
When I got home I even had time to shower, eat breakfast, and watch The Price is Right!

Dream of a lifetime: the Showcase Showdown.

And then I went to finance! We have our first quiz tomorrow so I am going to study all day, go to the homework help session, and be ready BEFORE my hip hop class tonite. I really want to prove I can do this.

Hehe...I just saw a funny screensaver picture on the computer next to me. Maybe it has to do with a fraternity. HOT!

I got to see Mark again in here today, and he did the "Rubber Pen" trick. That is one of those things that I don't care who you are, where you come from, a rubber pen trick is always totally sweet.

Okay, time to crank out some of these homework problemos!
Happy Late B-day to Ben! :)

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