The system is down


I just got done with a finance exam.  I am worn out.

I fell asleep in the library studying today.  My friends in class said "That is how you know that you've studied too much, Cortney...the chairs get comfortable!"

Okay, so I have three jobs now.

Telemarketing is fun...I sold four football tickets on Wednesday night and made a five dollar bonus! That's like an extra hour of work, or 4 taquitos, as Mark put it.

Aerobics classes are fun, and almost done for the summer! I'll get like 2 weeks off for Sorority Recruitment and then I go back in the fall, first week of school.

I am officially a dancer out at Tombstone, Texas.  I kick and I split and I wear a saloon girl costume...because I am what they call a "Shady Lady".....I get to wear fishnets and a poufy pink dress with cleavage galore.
Friday night is my first show...it is for the Japanese Students' Association...WOW

I applied to substitute teach 3 days a week in Bryan ISD...and I will be co-teaching Kindermusik soon too. 

It is very weird to do this much and know that your own mother doesn't have a job.  She even says that.

And if my dad EVER yells at me again for not taking responsibility...I don't think I'll be able to talk to him very much.

One of these days I hope I make it to my dream job....a concert tour backup dancer for some really cool artist like Brit, Justin or Christina.  Then I can laugh about once having to wear a smelly dress while cancan kicking on a stage for foreign students while mosquitoes drink my blood. mmmm HOT

Yay, its Thursdday, time for hip hop

And yes, it can mean cash flow.
It does in my case, with my 567 jobs.
Did I mention I might do a promo in Dallas next weekend.
Good thing I love to pay my bills.

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