Like wearin' platinum but my favorite color pink

Happy Fourth of July! I'm glad everyone is having a good time. I'm assuming you are. Today I celebrated my independence by chasing Katie's dog a couple blocks down her street, and enjoying the most bitter java shake I've ever had in my life. Ahh, the sweet smell of liberation.

Anyways, Katie's 21st Birthday party was a dramatic BLAST!
We (meaning Katie's family, me, Ryan, Schills, and Raba) started out eating a wonderful dinner at Bob's Steak and Chop House. Katie got the most ultimate b-day present ever, but I can't say anything about it yet cause she wants to show everyone! We had drinks, dinner, and a totally awesome dessert that I gagged the whole table by finishing off! mmm..peanut butter brownie and ice cream...mmm
If only I were allergic to chocolate, ice cream, sugar, and papaya.

After that we went back to Katie's, changed, and headed out to lower Greenville. Katie's sister, Kim was our driver, and we started out at the hiskey Bar. Thanks to Katie's dad, we took a celebratory shot and chilled for a little while. I didn't but any drinks there because I had a plan in mind.

About 30 minutes later we left and went to Zubar, because their music was hoppin'. We had a little Justin and Britney goin, and I proceeded to make friends with a couple of dudes at the bar. Sure enough, the entire story about how it was my sorority sister's birthday worked, and pretty soon, she was downin two shots...fo free. I also managed to get two for myself, from the same dudes. They were pretty nice though, and suggested a couple of other places we could go.

We left and went to The Beagle, where we weren't charged any cover, which was excellent in itself. The score now is Free Shots for Katie by way of Cortney: TWO, Money Spent by Cortney: 0. The Beagle did not let us down. I got two more free shots for Katie, one for myself, and I even got a guy to give her his hat. All this, and nobody bothered me. I just passed off the tools to our group while I worked around, dancing, and looking for shot prospects. Ryan was so inspired by my skillz that she joined me for a time and we convinced two guys that we were 21 yr old twins, and it was our birthday. Too bad that in exchange for the Patron, Ryan had to dance with Tool #1. We even met a guy named Sebastian. He told me my voice was too high, I told him he was the crab from the Little Mermaid, and he too took a liking to Ryan. Fine by me...this bar had plenty of tools to go around, and I was too busy keepin' it real.

We soon left, due to the fact that three of our friends were getting extremely wasted. We were on our way to Ryan's and near her house, we spotted a Lincoln Navigator..ON FIRE!!! Kim jumps out of the Tahoe and races to the front door, while Ryan dials the cops. We stood by and watched the frame melt away, leaving a perfect back end and a hickory smoked front.
Bad news: Nav is totaled..Good news: Dallas Fire Department is HOT.

From there, we made it home. Managed to find everyone's bags, shoes, monies, IDs, and get it all back to them in one piece. However, Katie's keys turned up missing, and she realized she had dropped them in the Beagle. We called all last night, all this morning. Aside from the dog chasing this afternoon, things seemed to wind down a bit. And now it's the Fourth!

See y'all back in College Station tomorrow, as I prepare to start the second half of physics, and the beginning of one of the scariest classes ever: FINANCE 309...
RIP Management.

Power and the money, money and the power, minute after minute, hour after DEUCE!

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