I'll play your game you rogue


I'm at the West Campus library, the totally cool place to be!

Funny story of the day: I get on the computer, and start talking to Mark on my AOL, who happens to be sitting right behind me. As Mark would say, PERCEPTIVE.

The totally hard crossword in the Batt today features two of my favorite things as clues: Alex Trebek, and the word Rogue. I circled them joyfully, reminding myself of the good times I've had with that CELEBRITY JEOPARDY.

I'm merely beginning another 12 hour day, but I've made it 4.5 hours with no problem. Especially since I only slept 5 hours. But all I have left is lab and work, so no bad stuff. Oh, and studying...I've got truckloads of homework problems to do for my own benefit. Ironic that it benefits me in the long run, but it is torture right now.

Finance (FUNance) wasn't bad today, I actually sort of enjoyed it, until I was informed that this is still the "easy" stuff we're learning. You know, it's really okay for it to not get any harder.
I'll take that B if you want to go ahead and give it to moe right now....

And I added titles to my blogs. I'm going to try and quote movies, tv shows, and songs that I like-a-lot.
Today's was inspired by SNL, of course. Expect a lot of those.

Okay, got to peace out and read my 34 emails. :(
Remember, you get lots of Vitamin C by drinkin yo orange DEUCE.

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Superficial Plaza Chick said...

You crack me up! Peace out, sour kraut!

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