Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

Reminder : Elf on DVD November 15th.

Hi there! Takin a quick break before heading over to my physics lab. If my brain has not turned to mush by Friday, it will be a miracle.

Finance....tomorrow night.
Physics....Friday morning.

Did you know that thoughts of impending doom are signs of a heart attack victim?

I guess the funniest thing about today is that the guy across from me in this here computer lab is looking at WWW.BEEF.ORG
I guess he has found the answer to the eternal question....
"Where's the Beef?"

Oh and then I got a message on my phone from Katie, and the only words I could hear were "annoying" and "stupid"...needless to say I was kinda worried, but luckily her phone was just cutting out. When I called her back she said she was talking about the cat and his endless whining for food. PHEW!

Alllright, back to livin la vida loca!

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