Confessions of a Twenty-One Year Old Phynansics Zombie Biatch

That's me.
Physics and Finance own my whole freakin life.
I eat and sleep, but all the while thinking about two classes that usurp all the fun out of what could be a very great summer.
I miss my friends, my cat, my bed, my workout schedule, my TV, my non school related activities, my thought of anything not having to do with Phynansics....so let's just sum it up to life in general.
Intellectually speaking, I am miserable, but emotionally speaking I am in a very good mood, I'm just a little wistful...
I try so hard and study so much, and my grades don't even reflect it.  What to do? Cross my fingers that someday someone will believe me!?

Ok, much left to do....spending some quality time with my replacement problem, while 4 pots of IHOP coffee goodness and an ungodly amount of Sweet n Low circulates thru mah veins!

If you catch me studying at all next week, feel free to invite me to do anything but...I really need a break.
Even though I do need to study next week, because of finals, but these three weeks have been too dang hardcore for the c.Flow

And when I ramble like this...it's prolly due to my deliriousness.  I'm really dizzy and jittery, so I'm gonna DEUCE out..


The system is down


I just got done with a finance exam.  I am worn out.

I fell asleep in the library studying today.  My friends in class said "That is how you know that you've studied too much, Cortney...the chairs get comfortable!"

Okay, so I have three jobs now.

Telemarketing is fun...I sold four football tickets on Wednesday night and made a five dollar bonus! That's like an extra hour of work, or 4 taquitos, as Mark put it.

Aerobics classes are fun, and almost done for the summer! I'll get like 2 weeks off for Sorority Recruitment and then I go back in the fall, first week of school.

I am officially a dancer out at Tombstone, Texas.  I kick and I split and I wear a saloon girl costume...because I am what they call a "Shady Lady".....I get to wear fishnets and a poufy pink dress with cleavage galore.
Friday night is my first show...it is for the Japanese Students' Association...WOW

I applied to substitute teach 3 days a week in Bryan ISD...and I will be co-teaching Kindermusik soon too. 

It is very weird to do this much and know that your own mother doesn't have a job.  She even says that.

And if my dad EVER yells at me again for not taking responsibility...I don't think I'll be able to talk to him very much.

One of these days I hope I make it to my dream job....a concert tour backup dancer for some really cool artist like Brit, Justin or Christina.  Then I can laugh about once having to wear a smelly dress while cancan kicking on a stage for foreign students while mosquitoes drink my blood. mmmm HOT

Yay, its Thursdday, time for hip hop

And yes, it can mean cash flow.
It does in my case, with my 567 jobs.
Did I mention I might do a promo in Dallas next weekend.
Good thing I love to pay my bills.


I love lamp.

Howdy, don't have a lot of time but enough to say HI!
Another finance test this week, and I get to dance in my first show @ Tombstone on Friday.
If anyone knows where I can get fishnet pantyhose, that'd be great.
Okay, talk to yous guys lata, adios.
"But I don't know, I don't know if I'll have enough DEUCE!"


...and roll up a fatty of fellowship and fun!

Hello there!
Fun night at Northgate last night.
But first we headed over to Kelly D's house to join the whole crew. She didn't turn 21 till midnight, so we hung out till about 11:45 and then went out to the N>G>>>>>>
Out there me and Katie ran into Brett, Brian, Craig, and Cody, all except one being from Wills Point.  They were just drinking a lot of beer, so we talked for a bit with them before the rest of our entourage showed up. 
We went to the Bean, but they didn't let Kelly in at midnight, some rule or something, so we went to the CROWDED Mad Hatters.  Me and Katie convinced Emily to go to the Library and have martinis with us, and boy were those good!  Me and Katie both had White Chocolate ones.  Soon we left and headed over to Logan's.
We got a text that there were people there.  Some of which Cortney did not care for seeing.  But, I was feeling better at this point due to the martinis so I went ahead and went in.  Francois convinced me to buy another drink, so I did, and I became much happier.  We danced, we sang, we jumped out from the table and grabbed people walking in the aisle....good times!
Then a 7 on 7 flag football coach from Austin began talking to me about the tournament this weekend, because I worked at it last year (Speed Stick girl) and he was pretty nice.  Offended that I told him he must be 40, but he bought me a shot of Jager anyway.
I think it is bad that I enjoy that stuff a LOT.
Anyways, came back home and watched Half-Baked with Katie, and ate a couple pizza rolls.  We both fell asleep in the den and then promptly made it back to our rooms. 
Again, signs of another good night. Hee...
Right now I'm getting ready to go to church with Mark, and then go to work at both jobs today.  If I still have a telemarketing job...
Sweet Home Ala-DEUCE!
P.S.  Amanda H....its on this week...only one test, HOLLAH!


You mean I have frickin sharks with frickin lazer beams attached to their frickin heads?!

HI there folks!
Having a wonderful Saturday, aside from the fact that I don't really know if I have a telemarketing job anymore.  The schedule was wrong I think cause I went up there to work today and there was no one there. I wonder what happened. I worry alot, but it can't be my fault if the schedule was wrong, right?
Anyways, I am SO glad I am done with my tests. Even though my next one is Thursday evening, it is in Finance, which is the class I like, and it is only one class, not both again. eXcellent.
It also helps having Katie and Mark both be finance majors.  I can ask them some random question and they know exactly what I'm asking, and they always give me the right answer!
Yesterday after my test I took a nap at the Rec before my aerobics classes!  Then I taught step and went home to help clean for our very first dinner party!
Amanda's bf, Francois, brought over a grill and cooked BBQ ribs!  He also made some good chicken for me.  You know how I like poultry!  Mark brought over that Blue Bell Wedding Cake ice cream that my mom has been telling me to get! It is so good.  It has pineapple, coconut, nilla wafers, and cream cheese icing in it.  Some may say EWWW but it is definitely a great summer treat...YEAH!
We also had potato salad, baked beans, bread, and corn.  YUM!  It was me, Amanda, Katie, Francois, Mark, Francois' roommates John and Andrew, two more guys from his Corps outfit, Nikki, and Kelli M. and her roommate Emily!  And Patches of course!
I love dinner parties! How fun it is to have visitors.
After the dinner was over, everyone went home.  I was not feeling Northgate last night, so me, Mark, and Katie watched the end of the Will Ferrell DVD and Goldmember (Austin Powers Trois).  Ohhh what a good movie!  Considering how many times a week I used to watch it last year its been so long since I've seen it!
Katie went to bed and Mark and I watched, among other things, McGuyver, Saved by the Bell, and that stupid movie where Devon Sawa's hand goes around killing people.  Very retarded.
And at 6 am, I went to bed, fully clothed.  Whoops.
Signs of a good night.   :)
Thought of the day:  How fun it is to be so happy at any given moment, no matter the circumstance.  Just knowing that somebody out there is thinking about you, and, with any luck, feels the same way about you as you do about them...what more do you need?
Currently watching:  TBS premiere of "Rat Race"
Okay, time to go get ready for another night at Northgate, another 21st birthday, and another fun time! Would you say I have a plethora of amigos? I think so!
"I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts, ah thank you!" - AP
Queen Mary and the Spruce DEUCE!
-c.Flow, asifudidntknow-


MMM Bop!

Today I was watching "I Love the 90s" on VH1 and aside from realizing how old I am, I was honored that focused on HANSON as their big cool band of 1997.
Take that, haters!
MMM Bop, ba duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du, oh yeah!
Now I must go get ready, I have to clean and shower because we are having a dinner party tonight! Whoop!


Get your sassyfras outta my holiday cabbage!


I've been studying throughout the night, while taking a few "catnaps", haha

Finance class (quiz included) at noon.
Studying more for finance - 2- 4:30....
Finance TEST 5-7
Hip Hop 8-9
Physics Review 9-11
Studying for physics throughout the night...
waaah waaah waaah.

Have a fun day for me, kids!

quote of the week:
"I do what I can. And then I do it some more..!.." - MarkyMark



Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

Reminder : Elf on DVD November 15th.

Hi there! Takin a quick break before heading over to my physics lab. If my brain has not turned to mush by Friday, it will be a miracle.

Finance....tomorrow night.
Physics....Friday morning.

Did you know that thoughts of impending doom are signs of a heart attack victim?

I guess the funniest thing about today is that the guy across from me in this here computer lab is looking at WWW.BEEF.ORG
I guess he has found the answer to the eternal question....
"Where's the Beef?"

Oh and then I got a message on my phone from Katie, and the only words I could hear were "annoying" and "stupid"...needless to say I was kinda worried, but luckily her phone was just cutting out. When I called her back she said she was talking about the cat and his endless whining for food. PHEW!

Alllright, back to livin la vida loca!


Like a shirt that says t-t-t-talk to the hand


Just got out of the shower, back from a long and sweaty trip to the Rec.
I got a grand total of 2.5 hours of sleep. But thats OKAY because some might say that I take after the Energizer Bunny.

Anyways, I had physics lab, dinner, finance homework lab, and then my two classes last night. It was a quick 6 hours. Then Marky Mark and I went to IHOP and stayed there studying till 3:30 AM! Time flies when you're lovin on them BoOkS!!

IHOP plays the best music, although I do not enjoy the random loudmouthed people that turn up there. But that's what you have to expect with any 24 hour restaurant.
Luckily, they played Wilson Phillips' "Hold On", so that quickly washed away any aversion I had towards the rival tables.

Must be going....got to get ready for another fun-filled day of school, work, and studying! Y'll have a good one.




Man, today has been frustrating!

I missed the first bus back over to West Campus because 8 people got on it while I was trying to fight my way in. All but one were guys, and I had been waiting the second longest. They let the skinny girl on, and left me standing in the exhaust, one lonely chick with a backpack. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE!

Then, when I finally caught the next bus, we were stalled because the CIRCUS is in town and they decided it would be cool to walk their animals across a big intersection. The animals pooed all over the road. I had to laugh, even though I was almost late to class!

And tomorrow's a day to look forward to. Mostly because today will be icky and busy, but tomorrow I'll have more time....

This weekend was GREAT! The gang hit up Northgate two nights in a row, one for Ashley A's b day and the next for Katie's b day. Pictures ensued, along with the fun. Katie even woke up before me on Sunday morning, if you believe that! She was so cute this weekend! Gotta love Shawty K.
Courtney and Kristy even came in town, and Amanda H kicked it with us!! Wonderful! I haven't had that much fun in a long time.
I also saw Anchorman last night with Katie and Mark, and I can't wait to see it again!!!

I also gathered the courage to say something that I've been holding in for a really LONG time. Yeah, I wish it would have happened sooner, but now is a much better time than never!

It feels good to finally get what you've always wanted, and then realize that's its even better than you hoped!!!

And even though I have two EXTREMELY hard tests this week, I am smiling like a goober!!!
But I can't help it....I am sooo happy...:)

I ate a big red candle.


Information Superhighway doesn't run here

Sorry guys, my internet is crap. I will post when I get to school!

I did write an entry on Friday, but it didn't post! I have so much to say about this weekend, but I'll wait till I get somewhere where I can actually RELY on the connection. If anyone has any advice about how to configure wireless internet...lemme know!

I did come up with two Cortneyisms while I was waiting for the bus in the rain on Friday afternoon....

*If we want wonderful things to happen, why are we afraid to take risks?*

*It's funny how we constantly try to impress even though all we want is someone who notices us for our dorkiness.*

All I'll say now is that I had one of the coolest weekends ever...and now everything feels completely right!



You boys like MEXICO!!!

Hi there!

I just wrote an opinionated letter to the campus newspaper on my frustration with campus food prices. All this ruckus over an apple. But it felt good to write the letter, because I am now freed of my frustration monster.

Somebody tells me why it smells like burritos in the computer lab, eh? When you're trying to eat less, it doesn't help having the smell of grossly greasy but delish tex mex wafting past your nose...which is connected to an empty belly.

I haven't eaten a burrito since....wow..do I even eat burritos?

Anyways, got up this morning at SEVEN and went to workout! I was there till nine, did my hour 'o cardio and my lower body weights and I felt so great. Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be so fun.
When I got home I even had time to shower, eat breakfast, and watch The Price is Right!

Dream of a lifetime: the Showcase Showdown.

And then I went to finance! We have our first quiz tomorrow so I am going to study all day, go to the homework help session, and be ready BEFORE my hip hop class tonite. I really want to prove I can do this.

Hehe...I just saw a funny screensaver picture on the computer next to me. Maybe it has to do with a fraternity. HOT!

I got to see Mark again in here today, and he did the "Rubber Pen" trick. That is one of those things that I don't care who you are, where you come from, a rubber pen trick is always totally sweet.

Okay, time to crank out some of these homework problemos!
Happy Late B-day to Ben! :)


At work tonight I was the winner and got a FOUR dollar bonus. Sounds like chump change to you guys, but to me, it smells like a million. It's the pride thing. I do believe that implementing a system to reward employees based on their performance is quite an effective way to foster healthy competition in the workplace.

So why didn't anyone tell me that there is no such thing as a jackalope? Tonight at work the guys led me into believing that the cuddly fictional character I used to see on America's Funniest People was real. A bunny with horns...and a pouch. You see, its a member of the marsupial family, not the rabbit family, and it thrives in East Texas. The largest one in recorded history stands 6 feet tall and its stuff remains can be found at a museum in the Piney Woods region of our great state. Finally when they started talking about snipe hunting did I see that it was all a cruel joke...but a good one indeed! They had me going for like close to 20 minutes!

Anyways, I came home and finally ate something. Then I went to finish my STQ's at Sweet Eugene's and was joined by the great Mark! We got kicked out AGAIN and so I played "Closing Time" in my car on the way home to lift my spirits. I tried to stop by Harvell's, but no one was there, gurl! :)

I called Amanda H. on the way home instead..such good thoughts were provided.
I'm here...and I'm great...and I will be noticed...someday!!!

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of DEUCE!


I'll play your game you rogue


I'm at the West Campus library, the totally cool place to be!

Funny story of the day: I get on the computer, and start talking to Mark on my AOL, who happens to be sitting right behind me. As Mark would say, PERCEPTIVE.

The totally hard crossword in the Batt today features two of my favorite things as clues: Alex Trebek, and the word Rogue. I circled them joyfully, reminding myself of the good times I've had with that CELEBRITY JEOPARDY.

I'm merely beginning another 12 hour day, but I've made it 4.5 hours with no problem. Especially since I only slept 5 hours. But all I have left is lab and work, so no bad stuff. Oh, and studying...I've got truckloads of homework problems to do for my own benefit. Ironic that it benefits me in the long run, but it is torture right now.

Finance (FUNance) wasn't bad today, I actually sort of enjoyed it, until I was informed that this is still the "easy" stuff we're learning. You know, it's really okay for it to not get any harder.
I'll take that B if you want to go ahead and give it to moe right now....

And I added titles to my blogs. I'm going to try and quote movies, tv shows, and songs that I like-a-lot.
Today's was inspired by SNL, of course. Expect a lot of those.

Okay, got to peace out and read my 34 emails. :(
Remember, you get lots of Vitamin C by drinkin yo orange DEUCE.



Good news of the day: I made a B in Management 309! YEAHHHH!
Bad news of the day: Finance 309 prof suggests not taking another heavy homework class at the same time as this one. Physics...yes, that's the other class I'm in. These next five weeks will be you know what, with the battle of the ph-sounding classes.
Fisics and Phynance. Interchangeable. Lovely.

Today I went to class, worked out, bought books, that old story. It was my fourth "first day of school" since May the 18th.

Mark took me and Katie to dinner for her b-day! She is 21, and it is so cool. We went to the Cotton Patch and both ordered "Wabbit Platters". How much does it suck to say that? To hide my embarassment, I simply made a joke out of it.....you'll notice, I do this a lot.

My hip hop class tonight was crazy FULL and yes, crazy cool for all my TLC lovers out there! I even had a guy, who professed his desire to become the un-lanky, totally awesome guy who wows the crowd at our college town dance venues. That there are few dance outlets here, but I think he can do it, considering the fact that he is trying...he's not bad at all...and who does he have to compete with?

Besides me...but I'm a girl.

After class I came home and watched Finding Nemo with Mark and Katie. It was so cute and I hadn't seen it in forever, so life was much enjoyed tonight.

The calm before the storm.

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a guy who looked good, I would call him, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 2004 DEUCE!


I have a belly button

Happy Cinco de Julio!

My day was exciting. A whole lotta driving back from Garland is what it consisted of. We took the "alternate route" to skip having to take 45 thru Corsicana, even though we didn't have to. I did get to see a big dam, which was fun because I don't recall ever seeing a dam outside my car window. It's been a long time since I was a passenger on the old ride back to the Station, and I made the most of it. I slept, read my Da Vinci, and gawked at all the trees and cows.

When I got home I scarfed down dinner and got ready to go teach my class at the Rec. Good thing I showed up, since I had a grand total of TWO students. That's okay. Who I am to discourage fitness dreams? I taught that step class with all I had.

Afterwards, I made myself into a float for the discount retail parade and hit up Target, Wally World, and Kroger, in that order. A minimal amount of money spent for a maximum amount of satisfaction.

And now, I am getting ready to do a whole lot of nothing, since I have one class at noon, and one class at 8 pm. Guess I could catch up on Physics, since I do have a test next Friday....SIKE!

I ain't here to cause no trouble, I'm just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!


Like wearin' platinum but my favorite color pink

Happy Fourth of July! I'm glad everyone is having a good time. I'm assuming you are. Today I celebrated my independence by chasing Katie's dog a couple blocks down her street, and enjoying the most bitter java shake I've ever had in my life. Ahh, the sweet smell of liberation.

Anyways, Katie's 21st Birthday party was a dramatic BLAST!
We (meaning Katie's family, me, Ryan, Schills, and Raba) started out eating a wonderful dinner at Bob's Steak and Chop House. Katie got the most ultimate b-day present ever, but I can't say anything about it yet cause she wants to show everyone! We had drinks, dinner, and a totally awesome dessert that I gagged the whole table by finishing off! mmm..peanut butter brownie and ice cream...mmm
If only I were allergic to chocolate, ice cream, sugar, and papaya.

After that we went back to Katie's, changed, and headed out to lower Greenville. Katie's sister, Kim was our driver, and we started out at the hiskey Bar. Thanks to Katie's dad, we took a celebratory shot and chilled for a little while. I didn't but any drinks there because I had a plan in mind.

About 30 minutes later we left and went to Zubar, because their music was hoppin'. We had a little Justin and Britney goin, and I proceeded to make friends with a couple of dudes at the bar. Sure enough, the entire story about how it was my sorority sister's birthday worked, and pretty soon, she was downin two shots...fo free. I also managed to get two for myself, from the same dudes. They were pretty nice though, and suggested a couple of other places we could go.

We left and went to The Beagle, where we weren't charged any cover, which was excellent in itself. The score now is Free Shots for Katie by way of Cortney: TWO, Money Spent by Cortney: 0. The Beagle did not let us down. I got two more free shots for Katie, one for myself, and I even got a guy to give her his hat. All this, and nobody bothered me. I just passed off the tools to our group while I worked around, dancing, and looking for shot prospects. Ryan was so inspired by my skillz that she joined me for a time and we convinced two guys that we were 21 yr old twins, and it was our birthday. Too bad that in exchange for the Patron, Ryan had to dance with Tool #1. We even met a guy named Sebastian. He told me my voice was too high, I told him he was the crab from the Little Mermaid, and he too took a liking to Ryan. Fine by me...this bar had plenty of tools to go around, and I was too busy keepin' it real.

We soon left, due to the fact that three of our friends were getting extremely wasted. We were on our way to Ryan's and near her house, we spotted a Lincoln Navigator..ON FIRE!!! Kim jumps out of the Tahoe and races to the front door, while Ryan dials the cops. We stood by and watched the frame melt away, leaving a perfect back end and a hickory smoked front.
Bad news: Nav is totaled..Good news: Dallas Fire Department is HOT.

From there, we made it home. Managed to find everyone's bags, shoes, monies, IDs, and get it all back to them in one piece. However, Katie's keys turned up missing, and she realized she had dropped them in the Beagle. We called all last night, all this morning. Aside from the dog chasing this afternoon, things seemed to wind down a bit. And now it's the Fourth!

See y'all back in College Station tomorrow, as I prepare to start the second half of physics, and the beginning of one of the scariest classes ever: FINANCE 309...
RIP Management.

Power and the money, money and the power, minute after minute, hour after DEUCE!


They love that crap in Malaysia

Sorry guys, mah Blog template is at it again! Notice how my sidebar jumped downwards. What the heck does that mean? I don't know.
Be back when I can figure it out!
Garland....here I come!
Home sweet Home!
Happy Independence Day!


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Today....tired and dragging.
I did wake up at 7:33 and still made it to management on time, last class of the year! I have my final tomorrow and it might not end up so well.

I've got laundry, dishes, studying and packing all to do, while working both jobs today.

Everyone else is this busy, right?
Nobody gets to sleep in or do anything remotely lazy during the day.
Nobody gets to actually come home after class and study or veg...right?
Good. I was hoping I wasn't the only person fitting class, two jobs, a workout, a couple meals, studying, and showering all into one day. Everyday.

Every single day.

But, being home for the four day weekend is less than twenty four hours away, and I couldn't be happier.
Until 8:30 am tomorrow....let's just say I'm not possessing the sunniest of dispositions.

Dial 1-900-Mix A Lot
And kick them nasty thoughts
c.Flow got