Great news...My best friend Jeff had a dream.
A dream to be in SLAM magazine. Today, he did not only make it into SLAM, he also made it in Sports Illustrated.
ESPN made an ad that features a picture of Magic Johnson, using smaller pictures to create one big image.
Magic's knee brace is, in fact, a picture of Jeff.
LESSON OF THE DAY: No goal is EVER unattainable.

And with that, I will recapture my exciting Saturday!

I did literally nothing, and a little bit of studying during the day because I had no work! Me, Amanda, and Mark also had fun on the Barbie website, and the fruits of our labors are now proudly displayed on the side of the fridge. It is so fun to have a day off from ANYTHING. A little later I took a shower, and then me and Amanda H. went to go get dinner at La Bodega. It was very good, considering that I haven't been there in a really long time.

Then we went to her friend's apt over at Campus Lodge, and they were gonna go play pool so we were like "deuce!"

We headed out to Northgate and dubbbed ourselves the "Northghosts". We must have walked back and forth for half the time we were out there. We finally settled on Logan's, took a table, and admired the boys waltzing by.

Of course, Amanda is taken so she was trying to get me to be brave and approach guys, be a little flirty, etc. I'm a chicken, mainly because I lack a lot of self confidence in the attractiveness department.
I walked up to the bar to get us drinks and the bartender asked what I wanted .
Me: "What do you recommend?"
Bartender: "How about sex with a bartender?"
Me: "Great but I'd rather have a drink first!"
So I come back to the table, laughing because I think I've been propositioned.
My friends Katie and Erin show up, informing me that 'sex with a bartender' is a shot, not a proposition, and I just sounded like a total doofus.

So for my next trick, I did the "You look really familiar" routine to another cute guy. Turns out he was familiar. He's in my major and I see him a lot. He was slightly cold, so we deuced it outta there.

Amanda ran into a lot of people she knew, I met a lot of people I didn't know. Ran into a guy I met last summer that is a total tool. He kept calling me last June so I finally put his name in as "Don't Answer" so that way I wouldn't even have to remember who he was.

I saw my very first street performer! He was dancing out behind the chicken, and he was a very good Michael Jackson impersonator! He had long wavy black hair, black jazz shoes, white bobby sox, black pants, and a shiny blue jacket! WOW.

I also ran into Lauren D. again, and Erica, a good friend of Brett's. She was so sweet, esp since I'm one of Brett's exes, and she's one of his best friends. I guess fresh/soph year was long enough away, and me and Brett are still pretty good friends.

Went to two new places: The Corner and Gatsby's. Corner was so so, Gatsby's was a little small. Overall still feeling Logan's and Mad Hatters. Did anyone know that Salty closed? weirdness.

Came home and made cookies with Raba till 3 in the morning! There are so many sugar cookies! And they tasted so good. But now I am a little frosting-sick.
I went to sleep watching a documentary on the murder of Gianni Versace, and woke up to watching Maxim's Hot 100 with Raba. Britney was only #36! Jessica Simpson was #1, and Christina was #3. I think Brit and X-Tina should be switched.

Right now I am sadly watching Arizona beat up on Arkansas at the College World Series.

Test on TUESDAY! Then, I'm relaxing the rest of the week, and working everyday.
NEW HABIT: Saying "WHOOP" while flasing the 'westside' signal. It totally works.

Wow, this is exceedingly long, and maybe not too interesting for you guys, so I'll cut it!

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