I just realized that the last two blogs began with a HOWDY so I refuse to do that on the first line of this one. I'll do it on the second.


Funny Facts of the Day:
1) J.Lo is once again married to Marc Antony. Yeah he is about as un-handsome as they come, but maybe that was the prob with Ben. He was too cute, and too smart for her.
2) O.J. is starting his own version of Punk'd where he will, and I quote, "Juice" people. I am not about to make a joke out of this one, cause I know Conan O'Brien will beat me to it with one far, far better.
You've been JUICED!

So I haven't written since Wednesday but life is flowin' and goin.
Me, Mark, and Katie went to practice our swings at the driving range on Thursday. I am trying to get in "shape" for my golf class in the fall. I was flustered at first but then started having a wonderful time. What could be better than being with two of your best buds, hitting balls as hard as possible, for as long as you want?
And the best part was...I eventually learned how to quit tearing up the grass with my swing, and started hitting the ball...a little. Coach Mark is king. King of Swing.

Thursday night we hit up Northgate and Katie bought me a Long Island IT for buying her balls at the range earlier. It was fun. We saw a lot of friends and we sat around at Mad Hatters with Raba, Francois, Nikki, and lots of other peeps who came to join. We left around 12:45 cause people were tired.

I barely made it to my eight o clock. I was sleepier than I ever been in my whole life! Regardless, I did make it to both classes, and even to my aerobics classes! I came home and my mom had bad news. She got laid off from MCI/Worldcom and now has no job. Life really keeps putting things in perspective for me.

It starts to remind me why I began writing these blogs in the first place. If you take a look back, or you know me, you'd see that this year, starting last summer, has been the most up and down I've ever been in my entire life. The unexpected has become reality and now I live day to day, wondering if anything good will happen, and hoping that even more bad stuff doesn't. None of us should live in fear of the future, but hope that the goodness it brings will wash away the hurt.

And so I end on a fun and kicked-back weekend. Last night I cooked dinner for me and the Murph, and then we went to see Harry Potter 3, an excellent movie, by the way! Tonight I watched Club Dredd, also another good one, smae guys that did Super Troopers. Tomorrow starts the week all over again! WHOOP!

I still do not know where life will take me, and most of me doesn't want to think about it yet...I'm young, and I have potential. Tons of it!


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