So I did make it to the RIGHT classes today.
Management was BORING, and I'm scared that this trend will just keep going.
Physics was interesting cause our prof looked like the Colonel from the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket, and all he wanted to talk about was the integrated circuit and trigonometry. Doesn't he know that I've had classes on the integrated circuit my whole life? :)
The best part was when some guy's cell phone rang and Prof KFC goes "And there's our integrated circuits in action!"
It is the first time I have actually wanted to learn about physics, and not have the teacher be sidetracked.
We also had a deaf person with two interpreters in our class.
I think Prof KFC gets jealous because we all stare at the ridiculously interesting interpreters instead of him. Their hands move so fast and they even have expressions!
And they can say "integrated circuit" with their hands!!!
It's X-treme!

Other than that, I went to five bookstores today to get my silly little lab manual after I worked out. IT's been a long day! Glad I don't work tonight.....

I think we all need to try and keep in touch with people. WE're all about to graduate and move. Sometimes you forget how great those old friends are until you're forced to realize that within the next year, they could be way far away, with a job, or kids, or getting another degree. Hold on tight!!!

RANT of the DAY:Doncha just hate it when you have to reveal yourself as "normal" and "human" and however else one may put it? Blechh...
Anyways, I too have relationship problems that have yet to be resolved, which are the reasons I haven't been sleeping a lot lately. Want my opinion?
Don't? You'll get it anyway.

When two people decide to have a "long distance" relationship, it is fine to not see each other for an extended period of time, and not even talk on the phone everyday. Completely understandable.
But when two people live ten minutes away from each other, I wouldn't consider that a "long distance" relationship.
How can you not make a little time for someone so close? Beats me...ask him.

Whew...felt good to get that out. I did think of something funny today, a little twist on the "ideal man" if you will.

The ideal man is like a fine and expensive wine. Selected with the utmost care, he does not come cheap. You have earned you way to be in his presence, and when you have him, you realize how wonderful it is to have something so rich and full of flavor that the mere scent of him makes you tingle with excitement. He is pure, smooth, and mature, and has been waiting for someone like you to come along. He'll never let you down, and when other people know you've been around him, you suddenly become that much cooler. Saying his name makes their eyebrows raise in approval, and you're always affirmed that you made the right choice. To be with him for a little bit will make you happy, but to be with him for a lifetime will actually improve your health!

Wish of the Week:Up at Post Oak Mall they make personalized belts, with your name or whatever in rhinestones on the buckle! How tight would "C.FLOW" look on a belt? Waaaaaaaaay tight!!!

Sippin on gin and DEUCE!

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