It is June 1st and I am starting yet another day of school.

At first I couldnt sleep because our power went out, but luckily I was up to fix my alarm clock back, unlike last time. Whoops!

Anyways, I got up about 6 and got ready fer school, put on my clothes, made my signature breakfast (an omelette and a bowl of oatmeal) and left around 7:30. It was late because by the time I got to campus it was already crowded!
I left this to the fact that it IS the first day of school, and people usually come. I predict the rush will be over by next week!

My management class will not be too bad. My very good friend Katie from my old high school sits next to me, and Francois (Amanda's bf) is in there as well!
I also know 2 black guys in our class, Jamaal and Rodney, who are Kappa Alpha Psis' (or former Stompfest partners!) I prolly know more black people in that class than anyone else.
A&M doesn't exactly have a diverse culture too often, so I'm glad when I can take part!

I waited and rode the bus over to the Zachary building, thinking I had physics today, forgetting that it was a Tuesday. I have physics M,W,F so basically, I looked like an idiot. Katie didn't seem to mind, and I waved good-bye and rode the bus back over to west campus and went to workout!

Alls well that ends well. I ran my errands, bought a ridiculously expensive tank of gas, came home and ate a snack, and layed out with Katie on the deck. Now I have a set of tan lines from this afternoon, and a set of tan lines from a carwash on Saturday.
I am UV ray challenged.

Tonight I start teaching again at the REC, with hip hop!!! I glad cause I love teaching that! It's the class I feel most comfortable in, der. Mainly cause I do what I want, no stinkin' guidelines. I just have fun!

I found a quote I like for my profile, that I feel is so true about me and my life!
I have spent so much time not doing things because I'm afraid I'll regret what I do. But how will I ever know where my life is supposed to go if I do not take a chance once in while? Think about that!

Hope you all had a good Memorial Day! After finally figuring out that it was not Labor Day or Veterans Day, or any other day like that, I went and had my first taste of a venison burger! Almost as good as my buffalo burger from Wings n More!! Whoop!

And in the words of "Larry the Cable Guy" - Git R Done!
And in the words of c.Flow....Git R DEUCE!

See y'all lata!

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