GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY:Since May 18, I have lost five pounds! Whoop!
I am reducing my portions, doing cardio for one hour six days a weeks, and lifting 4 days a week.
If anyone has any tips on how I can speed up my weight loss, please let me know...right now I'm looking into getting some Trim Spa. (when i have the cash!)

Sorry for the lack of funny news, but its been a while since there's been a presence of funny news.
However, I have come to the rescue of all you loyal fans with my
brought to you by Physics 201 Professor Allen.

If it isn't bad enough that the planet URANUS is already pronounced "your-anus", my physics prof pronounces it "urine-us".
Thus continuing my belief that the word "URANUS" is the absolute worst word in the English language.
Either way you slice it, you are basically saying something that has to do with bodily function, and no one likes to hear that.

Join me, C.Flow in the campaign to end the use of the word "Uranus" from now on.

Nest to me in the SCC this guy almost fell out his chair backward. I had to giggle to myself just a bit because he knows I saw him, and five minutes later he is trying to still look smooth. Why doesn't he just giggle, and get it over with? That's what I always do. No need for smoothness when you almost cracked your head on the floor.

Help me, I am surrounded by freshmen and their parents...although my memories of new student conference were fun!

NEW GOAL:To look like a cross between the new Anna Nicole and Britney.
I will be Bricole, and I will be fabulous.

Okay, gotta be going. I got stuff to print, and a physics lab to attend to.

Watch out, my outfit's ri-DEUCE-ulous!
Thanks Amanda!


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