Today is Monday, whup dee doo. I just realized that I have been web logging - "blogging" as the techies call it for short - for over a whole year now! Purty cool!

Oh, and I downloaded a new thingie that lets me post pictures. So get ready. This year is gonna be even cooler than the last.

I went to Kroger last night and found Jeff in SLAM magazine. If you do not recall what I am talking about, please refer to June 20th. Anyways, his pic was small, but there! I laughed because it took me 10 minutes to find it, and I knew WHERE it was and WHAT it looked like. It makes me wonder...how did he find it? The
basketball gods are kind, Jeff.

QUOTE of THE DAY:From The Anna Nicole Show last night:
Anna: "Is Miami the same as Florida...is California the same as LA?"

YES! haha

And today I am premiering my WTF? of the DAY!
Actually, I have two today.
Numbah One:
I am no "fashionista" but I know a style blunder whenI see one. Never, ever, ever wear platform sandals with brown suede lace up ties that go halfway up your calf, and then pair them with a ratty denim skirt and a rumpled blue baby tee. I shudder to think.
Numbah Two:
Is it possible to wear a backpack on both shoulders, steer your bike with one hand, have a girl draped over the other arm, and still look ultimately cool in your backwards cap and Oakleys?
The survey says....NO.

I am not, I repeat, am not a mean and critical person. I simply notice flaws in everyday life that keep people from looking totally awesome and sweet (TAAS).

Having an eventful day! Management test tomorrow, and the wonderful news that my second physics test was moved to Monday, two days earlier than planned. There goes my fun weekend. BLECCHH.

NEW PET PEEVE: Women who have MANLY voices.
Can't think of any? Well gaw-lly I have!
1) Leelee Sobieski
2) Monica Potter
3) The lady in the red shirt on that Claritin - D commericial. She's definitely the worst.

What the DEUCE? (WTD)

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