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Not much went on today.
Talking to Katie about the DC, sounds like she's having fun!! She went to a taping of CNN Crossfire today, so if you watch that show, look out for my Katie!

Was at the Rec, weirded out by what I saw. A guy running on the elliptical in khaki cargo shorts...how do you do that?

Reasons Why Guy Friends Rock!
(as opposed to boyfriends or love interests)
1. You never have to worry how you look around them!
2. They think you're funny even when you do stupid stuff.
3. You don't have to impress them.
4. They aren't repulsed by your bad habits.
5. They like to talk, really talk!
6. You feel perfectly normal being goofy one second and serious the next.
7. They are excellent resources for advice.
8. You can ask them weird questions and they know the answer, or will deduce it for you.
9. They are usually excited to hear good news, and will be bummed with you over the bad.
10. You don't feel pressured into acting or talking like someone you're not.

And if you DO decide to date them, the transition's pretty natural...and the breakup isn't too bad, in MOST cases. Not all, of course.

This was all brought on by the comment my mother said "I HAD TO PUT ON MY BLOG"....and I almost always listen to my momma.

A certain ex-boyfriend called me last Friday wanting to talk (probably cause he was drunk) but reassured me that the breakup was a good thing. His reasoning?
"I knew I could never marry you when you told me you didn't want to be a housewife!!"

Last time I checked, most chicks in college are looking for a little more than a MRS.
I suggest you go lookin' somewhere else if that's all you want in a woman....or get a time machine, with the date set on '1950'.And that's MY TWO CENTS.

And with that, I'm-a throwin tha DEUCE.

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