HI! No news today, other than that I have a nasty ol physics test tomorrow. So, the rest of the day is devoted to work and studying..I'm just glad that Friday night was good...okay AWESOME!

Once the test is over tomorrow, my thoughts turn back to the management test on Friday.
But that's at 8 am and then I get to head back to Garland till MONDAY!
And we definitely know that is going to be very, very wonderful. :):):):)

I have decided that summer school at TAMU is not fun, and is not easy, and does not leave me enough time to dilly-dally.
And I'm sooo good at dilly-dally-ing.

I ask WHEN!
When do I...
get time to watch tv?
take random road trips to visit my friends?
watch movies?
play videogames?
chase the cat?
read books that aren't boring?
go to a different bar every night of the week?
have random dance parties in my room?
go out of town to have dinner?
go home?
talk to my friend till 4 am finally go to bed?
go to the pool and cancerize my skin for 5 hours?
go over to someone's house and do absolutely nothing or everything for an entire day?

Summer school is NOT accomodating to my thoughts of what summer should be.

Clorox DEUCE

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