Lightning's not the ONLY thing striking today.
As we walk out to our cars after work, irony hits two college students after they brag about parking without a school pass and never getting a ticket for it.
Once again, we see two helpless victims of the half security guard/half postal worker dressed mad mob on mopeds: TAMU Transportation Sevices.

Glad it wasnt me.

So yesterday after my physics test I decided to take it chill, and finally do what everyone else does during the summer : NOT STUDY.

But first I had a job interview. I'm auditioning to be a dancer out at Tombstone Texas, a little Old West dinner show park down the highway from here. The dancers all dress like saloon girls, and they do the can-can and stuff. It's pretty exciting. I felt important because I had to dress really nice and socialize with the owners, and I also got to watch the entire show from the sound booth.
It was okay until I found myself getting stuck in conversations with the some of the shadier actors...oh and don't forget who the show was for. It was for the National Rural Postal Workers' Convention, so I found myself having to entertain random high school age guys with my dazzling wit.

Dazzle this, dorks.

Me and my most eXtreme friend Mark headed out to the 'ol Cinemark to catch the late night showing of "Dodgeball". It was definitely a funny movie, if you are a fan of Zoolander. It actually reminded me a lot of that. I'm sad because I can't think of any really good quotes off the top of my head to start saying incessantly, annoying the heck out of everyone around me who hasn't seen the movie, just so I can say to them "Oh, you just gotta see the movie!"

Here's a funny additive to that little snack of speak...
Finding out that the guy you're dating is two-timing you = A few tears
Movie ticket = $6.75
Super Pretzel = $3.50
Realizing that the two timer is the one who gets to sell you that Super Pretzel, all jazzed up in his movie theater apron = PRICELESS

Then we went and got sustenance...late night taquitos at Whataburger! Everything was Totally Awesome and Sweet till a rowdy drunk guy and his crew barreled in. Mark and I eventually backed down when the dude's crass-ness became apalling, and we deuced out.

Then I came home...did absolutely nothing, and went to bed...what a great night!

A little bit of this and a little bit of DEUCE!

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