Have I got a story for yous guys. As part of the " Ultimate College Experience " tm
I take it upon myself to actually go out and do things that I would normally be too scared to.

So last night, Katie Wawak invited me to go out with her...to Halo!

Join me as I venture into the mysterious and somewhat unknown underworld of B/CS, where no straight Aggie has dared to venture...the gay community!!! Dun dun dun!

I have chronicled my journey, and have come back with the startling truth!
There are, in fact, gays among us.
And they party like freakin' rock stars.

First I went with Katie over to Chris's apartment. Katie dated Chris our sophomore year before he became gay. Needless to say, I hardly recognized him in his baby tee and mascara. Then I met a slew of other folks, including Chris's roommate Michael. But he wasn't Michael last night, he was Sharde', and was dressed to kill in a sassy black wig, high heels, and a skintight red dress.

So I'm sitting there, discussing men and fashion, among other things, with my new friends. Around 10:15, we head up to Halo, the gay club in downtown Bryan. I found my new favorite drink, thanks to Chris, and ironically it is called 'Sex with a Bartender'. Katie missed my 21st birthday to make up for that....so we started with a shot of Patron. The fun went uphill, my being sober went quite the opposite!

The DJ played mostly techno, but when he bust out with Britney techno, me and Noah tore it up. We did Toxic AND Me Against the Music, but then the rest of the music sucked. I met a lot of dudes and I went to the first bathroom ever with a see thru frosted glass door. One toilet, people just walk in and out as they please. I guess it didn't really matter, considering the crowd, but the alcohol sure helped me shrug it off.

My favorite gay guy was wearing a black muscle shirt with a leather dog collar and a rainbow chain. My most awkward moment was realizing that guys were actually kissing...that was a little hard to handle, so I closed my eyes, like in a scary movie.

We left Halo at 1 AM and headed out to Northgate. We ended up at Shadow, where there was a suprisingly large number of people taking the dance floor. I stumbled out there in my best, flaunting it with my black high heeled pumps, and manage to keep my balance fairly well. Katie bought me two MORE drinks, and the rest was a blur.

I came home to sleep in my own bed, and went and got my 'Stang this mornin.
Wow...what a wild ride!

And in the words of Amanda Harvell..." These are the Gays of our Lives... "


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Amanda Harveezy said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! I always feel like a rockstar when my quotes are posted on yo blog, dawg! haha