"Save the drama for your mama."

Had an interesting turn of events today. Worried about my mom all day until I finally get in touch with her around 1 am. "Mother, where have you been?" "Oops, did I forget to tell you, Cortney? I went to Shreveport today!"
Glad somebody is rakin in the big bucks and having the TOHL while I settle for a physics test tomorrow, an all nighter tonight, and the last 4 hours at IHOP.
I should be partying, NOT my mom...even though she needs it.

Usually there's an interesting mix of people at IHOP. Tonight was no exception. This one dude practiced saying foreign words, while he would repeatedly leave the restaurant to go get things from his house. He would also go to other people's booths when they got up to go to the bathroom and look at what they were studying. He refused to wear shoes until they tried to kick him out. So he left all of his stuff on a table and went home to get some. This was the weirdest IHOPper I've ever encountered. Most would agree.

At work today (I'm a telemarketer for the Athletic Scholarship Foundation) we talked to a man who donates 2 mill annually to TX A&M.
Other were in awe, asking what he did for a living, etc. I had one simple question, the only question I believed needed to be answered:
Does this two-million dollar man have any offspring of the male persuasion, single, and over 20?
My question went unanswered, and my fantasies of fame and fortune soon turned back to the automatic dialer, and the endless drone of ringing, followed by the robotic, unisex answering box voice "Please record a message...."

Many have beat down my new image and role model undertakings. Yes, I realize Anna Nicole is NOT the coolest, but it's good to have goals. Right? right!

Why do I have a bed?
I'm not going to be sleeping in it tonight.

Happy Birthday, Clint!
Big 23!...Don't worry..mid twenties is still 2 years off, and 30 is only five after that!

And that's all I got, because now I am REALLY putting off my studies.
I decided that I really don't like physics, and should have take it at an easier institution. However, when I get through it...the challenge will have felt good..hopefully.

by Cortney

Remember...don't be afraid to take risks every now and then. What's the worse that could happen? I think the worst part is not taking a risk at all, and never knowing what could have been. It sucks to regret, but it sucks more living your life on the thoughts of what it might have could have been if you had more guts.

A reason to start over new....and the reason is DEUCE.

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