TOLD Y'all the blog would be back! Sorry it took over a month!

So here's what's been going on....
Almost done with classes, made a B in that scary anatomy one. Good thing I get to take the second half of it IN THE FALL...
Taking 13 hours this summer and teaching everyday except Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Rec.
Working in the bookstore trailers right now on campus trying to earn some money to pay the bills! :(

Senior Farewell...all the older girls I'm close to, including my Big Sis Elicia, are leaving soon!
This may have bee the hardest one cause I'm saying goodbye to people I actually know. Before it was always like, um bye older chick, whatever your name was!
A BIG SHOUT OUT to the senior wills....you girls made me cry...I am going to miss y'all so much.

Then me, Mike and Katie left for DFdubya around 9:30 pm to go get our furniture! With a four horse trailer, we were ready for action!

Woke up and packed my life away! All my furniture and half the furniture for our new den in the duplex went into the trailer! Among other things, I had a bookcase dropped on me, and broke a nail. Bruises, I am fine with...nails? These were expensive. Boohoo.
We promptly went and got Katie's stuff and headed back to CS. It took us forever to unload, we got done around 9:30 PM. So there's 24 hours of wretched moving.
I decided that from now on I am hiring people to move my stuff.....even a hoss like me can't afford another squashing by a piece of den furniture.
But GUESS WHO else came back with me from home!!!
My 23 pound tabby cat-PATCHES!
The pride and joy of our new home!

WEDNESDAY...Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Woke up....tanned....ate lunch....went up to the Rec.
They paged me on the intercom today at the Rec and I didn't eve get to hear it! One of my friends was all like "I totally heard your name today!"
I was soooo upset I did not hear it. Talk about the ultimate of coolness, having your very own name broadcast for hundreds of your college peers to hear. And then not getting to hear it yourself. Dangit!
Anyways, I unpacked and hung stuff all day today and learned that no matter how fat your cat is, he can still manage to jump on top of the washing machine....that foo is crazy!
Francois and Amanda cooked BBQ chicken, rice, corn, and biscuits tonight, and then we ate ice cream. It was a fun little festive gathering!
I even dressed Patches up for Cinco de Mayo. I attached pink fur to his collar! My my he looked handsome!
Aterwards, I came back to the sorority house to get ready for Lambda Chi's "voodoo" crush party!
After a much needed shower, me Kristy and Katie walked over to the frat house. One of the joys of living on sorority row! Anyways, our wonderful friends Marky Mark, Jason, Will and Ryan were there. Mark had a parrot on his shoulder and Ryan had the whole African tribal thing goin. I told him he was bringing heritage to the party, definitely.

And now I am home, alone, while my roommates snuggle up in their beds and my cat prods around all by himself. OOOO I miss him, and I can't wait till we get the internet there. Thats why I'm not fully moved.

It is so crazy, trying to worry about finals, work, and responsibilities, all while trying to move from one place to another. Priorities get shifted and then things fall apart.
But BLAH for stuff like that.

It's almost my 21st BIRTHDAY! I cannot even believe it, it's really gonna happen.
I too will join the ranks of the privileged at Northgate, and will never wear an X on my hand again! WhOop!
5 mo days!

Little update on Stompfest: we tore it up, but didn't place. We'll make it happen. Ain't no thang!

Tomorrow I get to work sorting books in the store ALL DAY. All for money.
I swear...sometimes I think I would actually go for money over love...but not today.


"It's a small DEUCE after all..."
Madame Flow is back!

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