So I'm living in two places right now, and it's hard to do that.
Well, OK, I'm not really living at the sorority house anymore, but my computer's here cause I still got stuff to do on it.

I thought I would write about my fun day on FRIDAY!
I worked at the Heldenfels trailer ALL DAY buying back people's books. 10 hours of greatness.

FIRST, mister Bo Wilson, my dream yell leader came to sell back one book, and the computer wouldn't take it. Guess I definitely blew my chances there! :)
THEN, mister Grant Speakes walks up. First time I thought I'd pay a guy like that with cash!
And Finally, I went to the restroom, only to see the Hanson symbol written on the wall!
What a good day!

Last night Michael took me out for my birthday dinner at Clementine's in downtown Bryan. It's really cute and kinda pricey, but well worth it! We were surrounded by kids in tuxes and prom dresses, not to mention the three Fish Camp people who walked in in their t shirts and jeans. They looked real embarrassed, ha! That's what happens when you underdress, kids.

Then we came home, and that was the night.

I gotta start studying, I figure.

BTW, in need of Phys 201, and FINC/MGMT 309 books. Thanks!

Rub a dub dub, I now have my own tub!
And a big DEUCE!


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