Okay I'm back!!! Well, for a little while!

After a long while, I figured out that a wireless internet router requires, DUH, a wireless card. I think I set it up right except for the fact that I can't access yahoo.

No biggie, except that's where my email is.

Anyways, I'm back and I'm bad for the time being!

Kinda lonely because everyone seems to be gone except for me....but they'll be back...for SUMMER ONE! Da da da!

I'm in my may mester class right now. Women's Health. And believe it our not, there's like 7 guys in my class, and they're pretty cool.
Yesterday we passed around plastic boobs to feels for the cancer lumps.
And the boys got...plastic testicles.

Right now I'm enjoying cable and the WB.
There's this new show called "Superstar USA", a spoof of American Idol where they pick the worst singer in the USA. It's hilarious.

Needless to say I'm on hiatus until next week, when I start work again!


WE call this pre-mid-summertime blues.
But there's no song for that one yet!

Dude, where's my DEUCE?
lata playas

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