Just got back from the Pi Phi Top Gun Crush Party!!! IT was "off da hook".

I also had rehearsal from 5-10 for the show on Saturday!! Get READY!

ANYWAYS!!! Me, Katie and Mark are gearing up to go se Ludacris tomorrow at Weed Arena! I cannot wait. I am planning my outfit as I type.

We met our Stompfest coaches and they are so cool. The Kappa Alpha Psi guys are teaching us how to "cane" right now, yall just wait. We're gonna place this year!

NeW wOrD: "Provocative"

And some fun random AOL stuff..
from my sweet and sassy BF, Michael:

OOHoss68: I love you, You are very special to me
OOHoss68: I hate PTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OOHoss68: I almost got my truck towed
OOHoss68: I hope you got your food, I gave it to Amanda, Sorry I did not see you, but I did see you dance and WOW!!! Your HOT!!!
OOHoss68: I love you Call me when you get out

hee hee.....
so sleepy.

Today my sister turned sixteen!!!