Suprise!!!! This is the longest Blog break I've ever taken! But I wanted to freak you guys out today and start fresh.

Top 3 Reasons I Haven't Written in almost Two Weeks:
1. My dad got fired from his job, meaning that money is nonexistent.
2. I was going to have to drop out of Spring Break cause of this, but my friends are now helping me get to go.
3. I was freakin' emotional.

Like I told Mark, I don't want to be one of "those people" who "emotionally writes." I have been commended for my remarkable ability to keep this content matter light and fluffy, perhaps bringing a spark of sunshine to your once gloomy day. And that's what I'm here for!!

Good news since I was last here: I am now the 2004 Stompfest Chair for my sorority!!! We got partnered up with Kappa Alpha Psi and Sigma Gamma Rho. Could I be any luckier? We are going to kick booty this year and April 14th we gon' bring down tha house, you know!!!

Last Friday, I signed a lease for my new duplex with Katie and Amanda. 1400 square feet of greatness, including Cortney's own bathroom, walk-in closet, and bedroom. Kinda nice compared to the box I share with Katie right now. WE even have a deck, and a backyard, and attic, and a washer/dryer! WHOOP! Cannot wait to move in in the start of May.
We also went out to Northgate for Courtney's 21st! I split my time between there and Shadow Canyon. Michael went over there with me to dance, and told me he was getting frustrated because he doesn't dance like I do. Like I care!!! I just like having him around. Yeah he wears boots and all, but he'll learn to dance. If I could teach Clint, I can teach anyone!
HAHA that reminds me. Michael helped Clint, who you all know as my previous boyfriend of four years, and another guy break into his condo. They seemed to get along well from what they've both told me. But how weird is that?

In 3 days I leave for Destin, Florida with my 4 best friends, and I couldn't be more excited. But first I have three tests to get thru! Wish me luck if you see me...it is needed!!!

Yesterday I sang a song for Katie about Mr. Bojangles...and she loved it. "Mr. Bojangles was a tap dancing black man..!"

I know this is turning out to be more informative than enticing, but I'm having to get back into the swing of things.

I can make a comment about the lack of fashion sense in my marketing class. You thought the girls with the butterfly stick in her hair was bad? There's this one dude who comes in, removes his motorcycle masks, and plops down in his seat. He's pretty cute, resembles Josh Hartnett a bit. But his shoes! God bless him....they were these brown sandal slide, but in the heel was an air pocket, like on a Nike shoe. They were the ugliest things I have ever seen, and I feel nothing but hope for this young man now.
How can you date a guy with taste like that in shoes? Geez.

If anyone wants to look at my copy of the "Midnight Velvet" Spring 2004 Catalogue, I have it in my room. I have never seen such glorious pantsuits and more realistis looking tribal figurines.

Okay, I'ma go do the A-town stomp and vamoose cause I got a skills test in ballet this mo' ning.
"Say hello to my little DEUCE!"


I'm back.

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